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20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak


20 Times a Lady cover art Reviewer: Janet Davies
Title: 20 Times a Lady
Author: Karyn Bosnak
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: Paperback – 978-0-6-082836-6
ebook - 0-06-082835-8
Release Date: June 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Chick Lit - Comedy Romance
Year/Setting: Current day – New York and road trip across America
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual/Sexual
Language (Profanity) Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: None
Karyn's Blog: prettyinthecity.blogspot.com/

Delilah Darling is 29 and single. Her younger sister Daisy is getting married, her mother is driving her crazy, her grandpa has gone all Las Vegas on her and she has just lost her job.  But all these things Delilah can handle.  The thing that really throws her world into a spin is when she reads a New York Post survey that announces the average person has 10.5 sexual partners in their life.  Delilah has slept with 20 different men. Does this make her a high achiever or something else?

Self help book junkie Delilah needs to find out if the number of lovers she has had is a direct result of the way her life is panning out.  How many is too many? And should she find 'the one' to settle down with out of the 20? She is absolutely certain she does not want to add to the body count. To answer these questions, Delilah decides on a crazy scheme to track down her ex-boyfriends to see if one of them is indeed the one for her. On the advice of a priest and ex-lover, Delilah writes a list of the men she needs to find. Aiding her in her mission is her sexy Irish neighbor Colin, bartender, sometime actor and would be private investigator. Her quest sends her on a madcap road trip across America, with her dog Eva Gabor, to scope out what happened to her ex-lovers. What she finds makes her question her past as none of these men are normal. In fact they are plain weird. From Amway salesmen to Muppeteers to jailbirds, Delilah will stop at nothing to work out if 20 is too much. Along the way she begins to seriously question her choices. Did she have something to do with how these men turned out? Was it 20 missed opportunities or 20 lucky escapes?

I flat out loved 20 Times a Lady. I enjoy a book that makes you laugh. Delilah Darling is flawed, realistic and believable as a character. You never feel sorry for her and you want her to find whatever it is she is searching for. She takes wild chances in life and is prepared to learn by her mistakes. There is lots of sex in the book, however it is not overt and does not detract from the storyline. But there is also romance and passion and people being doing dumb things for the sake of love. And although, the reader may have their suspicions about where Colin, the neighbor fits into the scheme of things, his effect on Delilah’s life is slowly brought into the book. I liked that in a book as I don’t want to know all the answers straight away.

The use of memos, message and footnotes that are liberally spread throughout the books pages were different and original. They were quirky asides into the life of Delilah and her friends and family. I could easily picture all the characters in the book and many reminded me of people I knew.

20 Times a Lady is not the traditional heart and flowers romance. It is real and raw and no punches are pulled. The message, to me, is that romance is not always perfect so why worry about looking for perfection. It is also a very funny book in the true chick lit genre. The ending was everything a good romance should represent. If you like a book that makes you laugh, that questions silly rules and that makes you smile at the end, then I believe this is the book for you.


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