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A Connecticut Fashionista
in King Arthurís Court
by Marianne Mancusi


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Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthurís Court
Author: Marianne Mancusi
Publisher: Love Spell (Dorchester Publishing)
ISBN: 0-505-52633-6
Release Date: May 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Time Travel
Year/Setting: 2005/Camelot in King Arthurís day (approx. 500 A.D.)
Overall rating: 4.0
Sexual content rating: Sensual
Marianne's Website: www.mariannemancusi.com

Meet Katherine Jones---known as Kat to everyone she knows. Kat is truly the queen of fashion and sheís working for a New York City fashion magazine. The magazine sends her to a Renaissance Festival in Connecticut where she has a run in with a gypsy who curses her. Shortly after, sheís beamed on the head by a flying lance and is beamed back into Arthurís court. Now the fun begins.

Kat is an extremely outspoken woman of the 21st century. She believes 110% in womenís lib and that anything a guy can do, girls can do better. Welcome to culture shock in an era where women are rated about the same as the livestock. Kat may be from New York City (Bronx girl), but she reminds me of a California Valley Girl. With all the "likes" thrown into her language and her dyed blonde hair, not to mention the obsession with fashion. Sheís a real shock to the medieval men and women.

You should be aware that this book is written in first person "I" language. The first chapter was a little difficult to navigate in first person, but Ms. Mancusi made an excellent choice. This book would be almost impossible to read from a third person perspective. Between Katís slang and the medieval theeís and thouís, the first person perspective makes the book easy to read and enjoy. I also did a little research after reading the book to brush up on my Knights of the Round Table. I must admit that my knowledge was sorely lacking in this area. However, Ms. Mancusi seems to have researched her stuff well and has gone with what is believed to be the historically accurate events and people. She has worked the history of the people and places into the story without it becoming a history novel.

I found Katís story to be a very enjoyable one. Sir Lancelot is everything I expected him to be and more. As Kat and Lancelotís love blossoms, I felt her tension deciding whether to pursue going back to the 21st century or choosing to stay with Lancelot.

One pitfall in the book is that Kat has what my son calls "potty mouth" and there are a couple of scenes where it is a little over the top. It was the main thing I thought Ms. Mancusi should have changed for the sake of the story. I know we all slip up with foul language and Katís supposed to be a tough girl from the Bronx. However, there were times I found it to be just too much to read through.

Overall, A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthurís Court was a very fast read with lots of modern humor (and song lyrics) thrown at medieval people who just donít get it. I hope youíll enjoy this humorous look at a historical legend.


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