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A Dazzling Spring by C.J. Winters


A Dazzling Spring cover art Reviewer: Lori Graham
Title: A Dazzling Spring - Book 3 in the Autumn in Cranky Otter Series
Author: C.J. Winters
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 0-7599-4369-9
Release Date: June, 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romantic (close to Contemporary anyway)
Year/Setting: 1963 and 64/New York City
Overall rating: 4.25
Sexual content rating: Subtle (with just couple explicit scenes)
Language (profanity) content rating: None
C.J.'s Website: www.cjwinters.com

Danica Britt is breaking into the acting scene in a big way. After being discovered and put in a new show "Airlanes", Danicaís life just seemed to get better and better. She loved her role on the show (as a stewardess) and had become newly engaged to Tyle Newton, Captain of the show. His good looks and good humor make him the best companion. The only thing topping how well they looked together was how well they acted together. Everything they did just seemed to flow - far beyond what the writers ever put together. Danica seems to possess some additional skills family traits (the ability to transfer thought), perhaps. Tyle confides there are times he hears her in his head. Most un-nerving. With all of the great things happening in her life, Danica feels ready to take the leap from a sitcom to a movie.

Zane McCaul is working with producer Marc Ahren on a new movie featuring the Laberge family and Danica really wants the part of Jennifer. Zane isnít completely convinced and wants to meet with her. These are two very dynamic individuals with minds of their own and beliefs as to how the world should flow. While Danica is young and attempting to figure out just who she is, Zane is living with an unpleasant past and trying to forget who he is. Makes for an interesting combination.

In spite of the fact she is engaged and Zane doesnít want any entanglement after the events with his first wife, the feelings are there and become stronger the longer they know each other. While Tyle had complained of Danica being in his head, with Zane, it is a two way street. Often Danica swears she can feel his presence and his touch but tried to convince herself they arenít right for each other.

Even when Danicaís mom, Melany, feels danger for her eldest daughter, she doesnít call Tyle, the fiancťe, she calls Zane who, without thinking, picks up his life and goes to watch over Danica and be there when danger presents itself. Kismet??

C.J. Winters has written a really good trilogy (soon to be four with the fourth on its way) by adding A Dazzling Spring to Foredestined Summer and Fires of War and Winter. I enjoyed the continuation of this line of strong women. A Dazzling Spring also carries itself well as an individual story with C.J. doing a really great job of "re-introducing" the past characters Ė giving you enough info so you know who they are but not allowing them to take over the new story. Very well done to keep them connected and yet separate.

I have enjoyed the strength of character she has developed in the female characters yet at the same time keeping the men quite masculine. The characters donít fit any particular mold. The men donít have to be tall, dark and handsome to get the girl and yet the men are just right. The women donít have to be svelte, blond and drop dead gorgeous and yet they are every day women we can relate to.

There was only one spot in the book I had to re-read a few times to make the connection from one line of thought to the other. The majority of the book read really well, though I would have liked to see a bit more depth and description in a few places.

C.J. Winters did a terrific job though of continuing the "genealogy" and I am looking forward to the "autumn" edition!


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