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A Fiery Secret by Diane Craver


A Fiery Secret cover art Reviewer: Janet Davies
Title: A Fiery Secret
Author: Diane Craver
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
E-book ISBN: 1-59998-235-8 (Novel)
Release Date: November 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day - Park City
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Diane's Website: dianecraver.com

Catherine Steel is a smart, confident investigative reporter. She knows what she wants in life and she isnít about to settle for less. When Jake Michaels blows back into her life, Catherine is not immune to the man and his charms. However she is not about to fall at his feet. The man did stand her up for the Prom. Thatís kind of hard for a woman to forget.

Jake Michaels is not silly. He knows why Catherine is subtly flirting with him. She wants to make him know what he missed out on when he left her forlorn at that Prom. He is well aware of his loss. He is not about to be a fool the second time around. And Jake doesnít believe for a second there is a man in Catherineís life even though she is determined to make him believe otherwise.

Despite the attractions of Jake, Catherine has other things on her mind. She is investigating the death of nice guy Max Hartman. Was he as loveable to all or was there a dark secret that someone killed him for? Catherine goes down a trail of jealousy, paternity, secrets and blackmail in her search for the truth about Max.

But there is also a Halloween party to attend, a choice between two brothers and a woman with a gun to deal with before any happy ending. Not to mention a fantasy to fulfill with the right man.

Catherine, as a character, is interesting. She is both worldly and innocent. She is a modern, independent woman who has a career and is capable of looking after herself. But then she has some Ďold fashionedí values that make her not want to settle for second best. However, Catherine and the book do not come across as moralistic or preachy. Itís just that Catherine has standards and makes choices based on them. So, to me, itís not the classic chick-lit book. It has more depth than that. As for Jake, what can I say? Any man who cooks for a woman is a keeper in my books.

I like the flirtatious start to A Fiery Secret. The whole relationship between Catherine and Jake is slow and sweet. When his brother Scott is thrown into the mix you wonder what is going on and who will Catherine choose out of the two brothers. I knew who I wanted her to choose.

The whole mystery of who killed Max did not dominate the story. I liked that the character of Catherine had more in her life than just investigating. That made her more realistic in my eyes as everyone has more than one thing going on in their lives.

I believe there are a lot of different types if secrets in A Fiery Secret. Some are evil, some are wrong and some are through choice. It is a sweet, modern romance where the normal everyday complications of life meet a mystery head on. But above all, this book has a nice feel good ending that makes you smile.


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