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A Rose For Romeo by Karen Wiesner
From the Anthology Treasures of the Heart


A Rose For Romeo cover art Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: A Rose For Romeo - First in the "Adventures in Amethyst"
Author: Karen Wiesner
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 1-59374-515-X
Release Date: February 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present
Overall rating of the Anthology: 4.25
Overall rating of A Rose For Romeo: 4.5
Sexual content rating: Subtle
Karen's Website: www.angelfire.com/stars4/kswiesner/fiction.html

What happens when a nationally renowned sex therapist and author begins to abhor every aspect of her successful occupation? She falls in love, of course.

Dr. Melina Rose is sick of discussing, listening to, and writing about sex. She's spent her life avoiding intimacy in her own personal life. After abandoning everything she's worked all her life for, she returns to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in only to discover that everything has changed-everything except her crush on her sister's old boyfriend Scott "Romeo" Romero.

After reading about Melina and Scott, I was thrilled to learn that there are more books coming about them and the town of Amethyst. Melina is a superstar in the world of sex. She’s sort of a hip and young Dr. Ruth. Yet, when you get past the superstar exterior, you find a confused woman who wanted to help people and she’s burned out by the perverts that have become her clients.

When she gets to Amethyst, Wisconsin, she discovers the property she has wanted to buy all her life was just purchased a few days ago. Imagine the shock she finds when she goes to the house to try to sweet-talk the new owner into selling and finds Scott "Romeo" Romero is the new owner.

The sparks really start to fly now. Neither one of them wants to budge an inch. Melina finds she still has very strong feelings for her own Romeo. Could he possibly come to see her as more than his ex-girlfriend’s kid sister?

This is a fast read and really comes together well. Again, I can’t wait for the next installment in the Adventures in Amethyst series.

...For a brief synopsis of the other six stories please visit Karen's website.


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