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Absolutely, Positively by Heather Webber


Cover art: Absolutely, Positively Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Absolutely, Positively - 3rd in the Lucy Valentine series
Author: Heather Webber
Publisher: St. Martins
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-94615-9
Release Date: February 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic/Paranormal Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, Boston area
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle (Mostly off scene)
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None/Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal/Moderate
Heather's Website/Blog: www.heatherwebber.com

She’s beginning to realize, albeit slowly, that her gift is really that. A gift. Being able to find lost objects associated with missing persons and lost loves has brought closure to many families and happiness to others. Lucy Valentine is realizing she’s making a difference with Love Inc.

With her newest case, she and her partner (business and pleasure) Sean have their hands full. A young woman desperately wants her "lost love" found. Turns out he’s wanted by more than their client. Try the FBI.

Dovie, Lucy’s grandmother, wants Love Inc. to look into the disappearance of a dear old friend. The general consensus is he’s dead, most likely by his own hand. But Dovie knows better.

Lucy is pushing herself to the physical and mental breaking point as the threads of both of these cases unravel and reweave themselves into scenarios that seem both hopeful and hopeless.

One thing Lucy becomes very grateful for as these cases take surprising turns…her crazy, frustrating, but supportive menagerie of friends and family. Especially Sean. Give her family’s history with Cupid, her fears overtake her heart’s desire. Perhaps once these cases are wrapped up she can examine her fears and feelings more closely. On the other hand, maybe not as her fears seem to outweigh her feelings at this point.

I know I’ve sounded a bit vague, but there’s a lot happening in Lucy’s life, professionally and personally. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to give everything away…Right?

I truly like LucyD. Her compassion and strength are equal to her humor and unabashed emotions. Sean is a good complement to Lucy. He’s patient, protective, and very, very sexy…

Everything about Absolutely, Positively shines. A stellar ensemble case, creative plotting, wit and intrigue, and a touch of the paranormal are just a few facets in this diamond of a series. Absolutely, positively, first-rate entertainment for the reader!

Happy reading,

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