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Adventures in Amethyst Series by Karen Wiesner


Adventures in Amethyst Series cover art Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: Adventures in Amethyst Series, a novella collection
Author: Karen Wiesner
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59374-897-5 (trade paperback)
978-1-59374-898-2 (electronic)
Release Date: October 2007
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day Amethyst
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal
Karen's Website: www.karenwiesner.com

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Revenge in Amethyst (Story 2) was found in the Treasure Trove, Vol. 3. It was reviewed at: www.onceuponaromance.net/TreasureTroveIIIReview.htm

Reckless Rose (Story 3)—Never before published

Lona Rose can’t escape her checkered past. Living in Amethyst as a two-time divorcee and having dated half the men in the town, she’s known as loose. Even though she’s turned a new leaf and is a great realtor and a member of the garden club. She goes home to her rose bushes and her empty home each night. However, when she hears Reece Childs is back in town, she can’t help herself. She must go see him—even though he never gave her the time of day since his brother was dating her and loved her. Lona wanted to break it off with Reece’s brother to date him, but he didn’t want to see his brother’s heart broken.

Can Reece be as handsome as always? Will she be able to live in the same town with him and not be friends with him? She knows that any friendship would just drag him through the rumor mill and ruin his good name. When Reece decides to use her as a realtor, could he have more on his mind?

A poignant story where the bad girl became a decent girl, one who deserves to be loved by a great man. My only complaint was that this novella was so short. Karen did a great job of getting the story filled out so it doesn’t lack anything, but I still wanted more. I wanted more time to see them fight each other and fight the township. I could have read about Lona and Reece all night long. I think you are in for a real treat with these newest stories in this anthology.

Christmas in Amethyst (Story 4)—Never before published

It’s Christmas Eve in Amethyst, but Sheila Mason still has to go to work at the truck stop in Eau Claire—forty minutes away. Sheila’s son Dev will spend the day with Jeb Duncan and they will have Christmas Eve together after she’s done her waitress shift. Too bad she didn’t stay in Amethyst all those years ago. She wanted to see the world and fell head over heels for Dev’s father. That cheating jerk took off with his secretary and divorced her and abandoned Dev. Her cousin Scott and Jeb have been surrogate fathers to Dev and she’s so grateful for both of them. She just regrets leaving Jeb behind instead of staying with him. Hindsight being what it is, she now knows she always loved Jeb and still does. After breaking his heart, he only wants friendship…or does he?

Jeb is lonely and still longs to be with Sheila. Too bad she still loves her ex-husband and refuses to see him as more than a friend.

This story gives wonderful insight to the human mind and how we can so easily misinterpret what happens around us. Without giving away too much plot, a dangerous situation arises after Sheila gets off work. Can Jeb reach her in time? Will they ever get to share their true thoughts? You won’t be able to put this one down. It picks up speed and you’ll stay up all night to finish the story.


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