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Drop Dead Gorgeous by Jennifer Skully


Drop Dead Gorgeous cover art Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Author: Jennifer Skully
Publisher: HQN
ISBN: 0-3737-7104-5
Release Date: April 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day - San Francisco
Overall rating: 4.0
Sexual content rating: Sexual
Language (profanity) rating: Moderate
Violent content rating: Mimimal
Jennifer's Website: www.skullybuzz.com/

Wow! Drop Dead Gorgeous took me on quite a ride.

Madison OíConnell is a perpetually optimistic and perky person. She answers a wrong number at work and ends up agreeing to go on a date with the guy. Something, which practically sends her boss, T. Laurence Hobbs, through the roof. But T. Larry (she has a nickname for almost everyone) is worried for nothing. After all, sheís going to die right after her twenty-eighth birthday in two weeks. And she needs to find "The One" before then. What could happen?

She has a difficult time (or simply refuses) seeing situations or people in a negative light. Take her co-worker Harriet (the harridan or Chicken Little). Sheís downright surly, very moody, and does unto others before they can do unto her. Youíd think Madison would back off, but no, she keeps trying to reach her no matter how bungled her methods or good her intentions. And surely no one would purposefully slash her tires. Impossible.

With his hands full in office rumors and turmoil, not to mention a sexual harassment lawsuit pending from one of his employees, T. Larry takes on the task of keeping an eye on Madison. Because where Madison goes fiasco isnít far behind. And speaking of her behind, he just canít keep his eyes off it. Something that really bothers him in more ways than one. Heís always, in the back of his mind, been attracted to her, but now it has reached new proportions.

Both Madison and T. Larry become confused at the sexual tension escalates between them. Heís been her boss for seven years and thereís never been any hint of reciprocal feelings between them. Sheís sure Mr. Wrong Number is "The One" so why does she melt when T. Larry kisses her and not Richard?

Heís sure Dick...is not "The One", heís sure he can handle the lawsuit before things go too far. On top of that bad things start to happen to Madison. Heís got his hands full simply trying to get her to see the seriousness of her situation. And he starts to think he canít handle anything at all.

Jennifer Skully heats up the ride with fast-paced scenes and snappy dialogue. Thereís so much going on I donít know how Jennifer kept anything straight when writing.

On the downside I personally had a bit of a problem with some of the language and the "scenes" were a little hotter than I normally prefer. But thatís me.

I liked Madison and her zest for life. Her denial, her refusal to acknowledge that the things that happened to her could be deliberate got a bit annoying from time to time. On the whole though, she was fun to get to know.

T. Larry on the other hand broke out of his shell, but I think it happened a little hard and fast for him as he had a "Plan" he was following. I did get kind of excited, as his physical traits became known. I think Jennifer Skully is breaking new ground, paving the way for a hero we rarely see and need to see a bit more of! (Sorry, youíll have to read for yourself and see if you agree) Hooray for Jennifer!

If youíre in the mood for something thatís edgy, somewhat saucy, a little quirky, loaded with sexual tension and intrigue then Drop Dead Gorgeous is the book for you.


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