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Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks


Cover art: Eat Prey Love Reviewer: Jillean Wallace
Title: Eat Prey Love - 9th in the Love at Stake series
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 978-0-061-95803-8
Release Date: September 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance
Year/Setting: Present day, New York/Thailand
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Kerrelyn's Website/Blog: www.kerrelynsparks.com

Carlos Panterra is part of the security team at Romatech Industries. He helps guard vampires that have developed synthetic blood. This ensures that vampires no longer need to bite humans to survive. They can drink the synthetic blood without endangering anyone. Of course, there are those vampires that reject the synthetic blood and believe they are superior to humans and still adhere to feeding from them. These bad vampires, or Malcontents, love to cause trouble for Roman and his fellow vampires. This is reason for security measures. Carlos is not only part of the security team though. He is a shifter. He shifts into a panther when trouble ensues. This makes him an even more valuable member of the team. The only problem Carlos has is that there are few of his kind left. He has traveled all over the world in search of a mate so that the future of his kind is ensured. Carlos thinks he has found the perfect woman when he spots Caitlyn. She is everything he wants and needs except that she is human.

Caitlyn Whelan has just lost her job with the State Department and must make a choice between two job offers. Her first option is to work with her father and his CIA team. They are determined to hunt down every vampire and extinguish them from the planet. Her second option is to work with the very people her father is trying to get rid of; the vampires at Romatech. She would be working for the security team there using her special gift to help them find the Malcontents. She has the gift of being able to hear any language and be able to understand and speak it fluently within hours. There are two deciding factors to her decision. One is that Roman is married to her sister Shanna and the other is the mysterious and handsome Carlos. Caitlyn accepts Shanna’s job offer and now must prove to Carlos that there attraction is so much more than either of them can imagine.

I was so excited to read the latest in Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stakes series. Ms. Sparks does not disappoint with this installment. Caitlyn and Carlos’s love story is such a wonderful center point. Carlos knows she is the one for him but feels he cannot have her because she is human. Caitlyn feels an immediate attraction to Carlos from the first minute she sees him and cannot understand what is holding him back. She knows he feels the same but he continues to deny them. Carlos is a wonderful character. He uses his shifter abilities to help his vampire friends but yet shoulders himself with the burden of finding more of his kind. Caitlyn is the perfect match for him. She is strong, unyielding and empathetic to Carlos’s cause. The mystery they find themselves in while searching for more of his kind only adds fuel to their connection. This book will hook you from the very first bite to the very end.


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