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Michelle Moran "Michelle Moran was born in the San Fernando Valley, CA. She took an interest in writing from an early age, purchasing Writer's Market and submitting her stories and novellas to publishers from the time she was twelve. When she was accepted into Pomona College she took as many classes as possible in British Literature, particularly Milton, Chaucer, and the Bard. Not surprisingly, she majored in English while she was there. Following a summer in Israel where she worked as a volunteer archaeologist, she earned an MA from the Claremont Graduate University.

Michelle has traveled around the world, from Zimbabwe to India, and her experiences at archaeological sites were what inspired her to write historical fiction. A public high school teacher for six years, Michelle Moran is currently a full-time writer living in California with her husband. She is agented by Anna Ghosh of Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency."

The Historical Novel...

July 2007
ISBN: 0307381463 (Hardcover)
Crown Publishers

Nefertiti cover Nefertiti and her younger sister, Mutnodjmet, have been raised in a powerful family that has provided wives to the rulers of Egypt for centuries. Ambitious, charismatic, and beautiful, Nefertiti is destined to marry Amunhotep, an unstable young pharaoh. It is hoped by all that her strong personality will temper the young Amunhotep’s heretical desire to forsake Egypt’s ancient gods, overthrow the priests of Amun, and introduce a new sun god for all to worship.

From the moment of her arrival in Thebes, Nefertiti is beloved by the people. Her charisma is matched only by her husband’s perceived generosity: Amunhotep showers his subjects with lofty promises. The love of the commoners will not be enough, however, if the royal couple is not able to conceive an heir, and as Nefertiti turns her attention to producing a son, she fails to see that the powerful priests, along with the military, are plotting against her husband’s rule. The only person wise enough to recognize the shift in political winds—and brave enough to tell the queen—is her younger sister, Mutnodjmet.

Observant and contemplative, Mutnodjmet has never shared her sister’s desire for power. She yearns for a quiet existence away from family duty and the intrigues of court. Her greatest hope is to share her life with the general who has won her heart. But as Nefertiti learns of the precariousness of her reign, she declares that her sister must remain at court and marry for political gain, not love. To achieve her independence, Mutnodjmet must defy her sister, the most powerful woman in Egypt—while also remaining loyal to the needs of her family.

Love, betrayal, political unrest, plague, and religious conflict—Nefertiti brings ancient Egypt to life in vivid detail. Fast-paced and historically accurate, it is the dramatic story of two unforgettable women living through a remarkable period in history.

"Before there was Cleopatra there was the notorious Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile. Moran recreates her story with a vibrancy, drama and compassion that would make the queen proud. As in The Other Boleyn Girl, the relationship between sisters sets this novel apart and makes Nefertiti's story powerful and memorable. It belongs alongside the finest fictional biographies." -- Romantic Times Book Review's Top Pick

"Nefertiti is a fascinating window into the past, a heroic story with a very human heart. Compulsively readable!" -- Diana Gabaldon, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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If you are to believe what the viziers say, then Amunhotep killed his brother for the crown of Egypt.

In the third month of Akhet, Crown Prince Tuthmosis lay in his room in Malkata Palace. A warm wind stirred the curtains of his chamber, carrying with it the desert scents of zaatar and myrrh. With each breeze the long linens danced, wrapping themselves around the columns of the palace, brushing the sun-dappled tiles on the floor. Read more...

Purfume Recipe...

Nefertiti's perfume. Few people know that Nefertiti's daughter had her own perfume line, and was the ancient day equivalent of a Paris Hilton!

*One quarter cup coconut oil
*6 drops of essential oil of spikenard
*6 drops of essential oil of frankincense

Each of these oils would be blended together as liquids and then left in a jar to harden at room temperature. The resulting mixture was known as an unguent, and would have been worn behind the neck, ears and over the wrists.

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