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Nadia Brown Nadia was born in Queens, New York, and currently makes her home in the sunshine state of South Florida. Her articles and poetry have been published to national and international poetry journals, magazines and online news publications. She describes herself as being shy, private, and reserved and finds it ironic she earns a living revealing her innermost thoughts, and experiences through her writings. Nadia has written how-to articles on writing and book marketing. She has also written articles on Iraq and the presidential candidates -- John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and Barack Obama.

Last year she launched the site Author-Promotion.com (Author & Book Promotion) for aspiring and established authors. It is an author's directory comprised of articles, marketing tips, and resources on book promotion. Nadia hopes this site will provides authors-to-be and veteran authors a successful guide to marketing.


July 2005
ISBN: 1413781691 (Trade Paperback)
Publish America

<b><i>Unscrambled Eggs</b></i> cover Unscrambled Eggs is an award-winning compilation of poems complied over several years. Poems in this collection were born from hopes, dreams, and disappointments. Poetry books usually do not have themes, but Unscrambled Eggs is about finding purpose. The book's evolution wasn't a consorted effort but an organic process. Though the overall theme of the book is about one's purpose, it is not a how-to-book, but a source with which readers can relate to in some form. Nadia explains that she did not set out to write a manuscript, and Unscrambled Eggs was a belief that evolved over time. Nadia credits life's lesson as the prime inspiration for this book.

How The Book Came To Be...

The title poem and the book’s title Unscrambled Eggs was inspired by Joel Osteen, the pastor of the nondenominational Lakewood Mega-Church in Houston, Texas. Nadia states his sermon about not letting your past-- no matter what you've been through-- determine your future made quite an impression on her. But as simple as that message is, we often allow the past to define our lives as we live by our failures; our setbacks oftentimes, dictates our being. After writing the poem Unscrambled Eggs, she didn't realize it would become the title of my first, and latest collection of poetry. She maintains the idea behind Unscrambled Eggs wasn't plotted like characters from a Nora Roberts’ novel. It was an organic process; she lived the poems she wrote from her experience. However, she says, not every poem tells her story. Some tell the stories of others. Or it may have been an issue God placed in her heart to touch upon.


"The author defies modern fallacies while offering a passionate and purposeful outlook on life. Readers will be inspired and encouraged by this collection. Each word appears to have been carefully chosen and arranged to showcase vibrant thoughts in vivid descriptions." -- In The Library Reviews

"Unscrambled Eggs defies the conventional, the prejudiced, and whets the human spirit with determination, hope, unyielding fidelity to one's purpose, and confession of one's own fallibilities. There is a strong penchant for a purpose in life, at times growing morose. But the poetess never fails in keeping hold of the softness that opens the reader's unbiased ear. This is achievement."
-- Book Pleasures

Little Known Facts About Nadia...

"Learn more about my upcoming events, read sample poems, reviews, and watch the latest video trailers at www.nadiabrown.com. I am interested to have readers' comments, feedback, or to answer questions about this book project. I can be reached at Jewelx7@aol.com. Thanks for visiting me on Once Upon A Romance."

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Nadia Janice Brown


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