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Fatally Frosted by Jessica Beck


Cover art: Fatally Frosted Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Fatally Frosted - 2nd in the Donut Shop Mystery series
Author: Jessica Beck
Publisher: Minotaur
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-94611-1
Release Date: August 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Cozy Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, April Springs North Carolina
Overall Rating: 3.75
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: Minimal
Jessica's Website/Blog: www.donutmysteries.com

Donut Hearts has been her life, her business for the past couple of years since she bought the building from her divorce settlement. Unfortunately Suzanne Hart may have to shut the doors for good. Unless she can find out in a hurry who decided to use one of her donuts to murder one of the town’s more unpleasant women. That kind of news leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth, you know?

Peg was not a very nice person at all. No one who had any type of dealings with her got away unscathed. But she did good work for the many charities she chaired. She put a lot of hard work into the fund raisers and events for the charities. All of that being true, Suzanne is more than a little stumped as to what motive someone could have for killing Peg.

To save her livelihood, and her passion for creating taste-tempting treats she’s going to have to come up with a way to expose the first clue that will lead her on a path to the killer. Easier said than done. Yet with the help of George, a retired police officer, and her gung-ho best friend Grace, Suzanne is determined to get to the truth.

Unfortunately as potential motives rise to the surface, so do possible suspects, some who are her friends. If only Suzanne’s boyfriend and state police inspector, Jake Bishop, could talk to her about the case. Perhaps then she would have a better idea where to focus her sleuthing energy. But with Suzanne as a suspect and one of her donuts used as a "weapon," he can’t. He has to remain impartial in order to stay on the case.

It’s up to her to whittle down the motives and link them to the real killer. Hmm…Peg was very wealthy. Is this perhaps the motive?

If you’ve read Glazed Murder you know that Suzanne’s methods of fact-finding and suspect-hunting leaves a bit to be desired, she’s a tad clumsy about it. But, hey, she’s new at this catch-a-murderer thing. Fatally Frosted shows that she’s slowly gaining some techniques of her own. What she lacks in finesse when questioning suspects she makes up for it with determination. Psst, it’s a good thing she’s got Grace to cover her back…I’m just saying.

The time spent with Suzanne in her donut shop brought back memories I have at the treat it was to visit my grandpa’s donut shop. The smells and atmosphere of Donut Hearts were fairly tangible to me. Tooling around town with her and watching her snoop has been interesting to say the least. People Suzanne has known all her life are revealing secrets and rivalries she never would have guessed at.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, I sometimes had trouble keeping a few of the characters straight. A name would be dropped and I would have to repeat it several times before who they were clicked into place. Most likely the reading glitch was mine...

That said, I believe you’ll find Fatally Frosted to be a flavorful cozy.

I look forward to the next in this series.

Happy Reading,

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