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Finding Mr. Romantic by Betty Jo Schuler


Finding Mr. Romantic cover art Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: Finding Mr. Romantic
Author: Betty Jo Schuler
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: Ebook 0-7599-2421-X
Trade Paper: 0-7599-3521-1
Release Date: May 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present
Overall rating: 4.25
Sexual content rating: Subtle/Sensual
Language (Profanity) rating: Mild
Betty Jo's Website: bettyjowrites.com/

Boy: Mystery author who took a bet to rite a romance in 6 months in order to live rent free for a year. Major writers block…until…

Girl: Widowed by cheating husband, raising her husband’s 18 year-old sister on her own. Looking for a chance to be free and no longer bound by the rules she’s always followed. Rents an RV and takes off for a couple weeks of R&R. Who knew that wishes made on birthday cakes really might come true?

Then, boy meets girl:
When Nick meets Celeste Joy – no last names exchanged for anonymity -- he’s stuck with a heroine in his romance that won’t cooperate and love the hero. Since C.J. is looking to make a fresh start and break out of her former shell, why not spend time with her and gain a little inspiration? What could be easier?

C.J. was wishing to find Mr. Romance on her birthday. However, he couldn’t possibly be the guy next door at the RV Park…could he?

I truly enjoyed this whole book. There is so much irony going on the whole time. C.J. wants to find a way to stop her pseudo-daughter, Susan, from marrying at the young age of 18. She also wants to go back to school and spend time just being on her own without a man to rule her life. She went straight from a controlling father to a controlling husband. So now, widowed at age 29, she’s ready to be on her own. So meeting Nick is perfect because he’s a no-strings-attached, I don’t want a commitment from a woman sort of a guy.

Nick is trying to find a way to write a romance. By spending time with C.J., he’s learning about women who aren’t the usual airheads he typically dates. She gives him great inspiration to write about in his novel. A few weeks of fun, maybe some no-strings-attached romance and he’ll be able to finish his book. Then he can live in his cousin’s lake house for one rent-free year.

What to do when Susan suddenly calls C.J. home early to plan a wedding in just 6 weeks. She leaves and Nick doesn’t even know her last name. When he and his cousin crash a wedding reception, they run into none other than C.J. herself. From there, the sparks and the romance really take off. Is he just using C.J. like Susan believes, or has C.J. really found her very own Mr. Romantic?


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