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Firelight by Sophie Jordan


Cover art: Firelight Reviewer: Amy Lignor
Title: Firelight
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-193508-4
Release Date: September 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: YA Paranormal Fiction
Publisher’s Age/Grade Recommendation: Ages 12 yrs and up
OUAR’s Age/Grade Recommendation: Ages 14 yrs and up
Year/Setting: Present day, WA State to Chaparral NV
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle/Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild/Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Minimal/Moderate (Fantasy)
Sophie's Website/Blog: www.sophiejordan.com

Dear Readers:

Sophie Jordan is a writer who I have always liked; her historical romances and paranormal romances have always been at the top of my list of recommendations. This is her first attempt into the YA genre and, I have to say, I hope it is most assuredly not her last. I believe that with the public’s help, this fantastic novel will be Book I in a great series that will lead newfound readers into a supernatural world that’s already enjoyed by the super-fans of Fallen, and the mega-phenom that is Twilight.

Beginning with one of my favorite quotes in the entire world regarding flight by Da Vinci, we are soon introduced to Jacinda. Jacinda is a beautiful girl who has a bit of a secret; she is a draki. A draki is a descendant of the mighty dragons whose ability to shape-shift into human form is literally the absolute best defense they have for survival. In fact, the one thing Jacinda can’t ever seem to do is the one thing she’s dying to do…fly. Because of a horrible fate that happened to her father a long time ago, Jacinda is "grounded" by her mother. Jacinda also has a sister who literally can’t stand her, because of all the attention she receives. You see, her sister, Tamra, is ALL human and she really wants to have a normal life. Jacinda has always been at the top of everyone’s list in their small town because Jacinda is a fire-breather – the first fire-breather in the pride in over four hundred years. So she is most definitely something to write home about.

There is a young man in the pride by the name of Cassian. When they were young, he and Jacinda were friends. But now Cassian’s power has given him a huge ego and he keeps telling Jacinda that she will be his for life no matter how she feels about it. In other words, he’s the alpha and Jacinda is his brood-mare. Now Jacinda doesn’t see things this way. She wants a life, choices, and freedom, but she can’t for the life of her figure out how to get all that and still be able to keep the dragon within her alive. How she can achieve happiness in both worlds is a tremendous amount of pressure on her.

Her mother finally takes charge and drives them off in the middle of the night to Nevada, where she hopes the dry, hot air – in time – will kill the dragon inside her daughter so that both her children can live normal, happy lives. The last thing she wants for Jacinda is to end up being Cassian’s "prize."

In the new town, at their new high school, Jacinda runs into someone that she can’t believe is standing in front of her. His name is Will…and he is part of a family of hunters, a family who almost brought down Jacinda one night when she was flying. During their first strange encounter, Will had let her keep her gorgeous head on her shoulders, and now he finds himself in the same town as she is trying to figure out how he fell in love with someone who is supposed to be his enemy in this big, bad world.

The characters are extremely "fresh," and the story is exciting in more ways than one. You can certainly tell that the love story is written by a bestselling romance author, and the YA element makes this a debut that will definitely get Sophie Jordan immersed in the YA fiction market for a long time to come. I can’t wait for the next chapter in Jacinda’s life.

Until next time, Amy

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