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Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer


Cover art: Flight of Shadows Reviewer: Mary Lignor
Title: Flight of Shadows
Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-4000-7033-6
Release Date: May 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Inspirational Sience Fiction
Year/Setting: Present/Future America
Overall Rating: 5 for writing; 3.5 for content
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal (but a little creepy)
Signund's Website/Blog: www.sigmundbrouwer.com

Dear Readers,

This book is a sequel to Broken Angel, also written by Brouwer in which Caitlyn Brown is back and still running from the government. In Broken Angel Caitlyn's parents had agreed to drown her like a kitten when she was born. Caitlyn's mother died in childbirth and her father decided not to throw his child away. She is genetically sound and her DNA grants her the power to do anything she wants to do and so she is hunted by all types of people who want to use her for their own ends.

In this futuristic America, which sometimes doesn't seem so futuristic, where prominence matters most, Caitlyn is anxious to remain invisible. She believes that everyone is after her to kill her because of a deformity on her back that she has had since birth but, the powerful want her for her DNA because she is so powerful that they want to harness that power for themselves. She has to rely on Razor, an illusionist that she really doesn't trust all that much but he's helping her to reach others that the government are tracking. A bounty hunter is also after them and she and Razor begin to discover what Caitlyn's DNA could do to help these people to change the destiny of the human race. She has to make the decision to either keep her freedom or sacrifice herself to help change the human race.

In this book about the all-too-convincing future, it's a scary ride through moral questions, scientific questions and societal questions. I gave the author a 5 rating for writing because it's a gift to write this kind of book and make it so believable. The content is not to my liking but, I'm sure there are many readers out there who are into science and DNA testing. Sadly, I didn't even like it when they cloned Dolly the sheep. When a robot is cloned from a petrie dish they have no soul and I firmly believe everyone needs a soul. So, as always, I wish the author success, as I admire anyone who can write well. But, it's really not my thing. To the readers who will enjoy this book, by all means read it but try to read Broken Angel first as it will be a good lead in to this book.

I'll talk to you soon,

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