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Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico by Lena Nelson Dooley


Cover art: Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico Reviewer: Trudy Smith
Title: Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico
Author: Lena Nelson Dooley
Publisher: Summerside Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-935416-74-6
Release Date: May 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Inspirational Historical Romance
Year/Setting: 1890/Boston & Golden, NM
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Lena's Website/Blog: www.lenanelsondooley.com

Madeline Mercerís life is changing and changing fast. First sheís mourning the death of her father, and then a friend asks Maddy to raise her daughter after she dies in childbirth. Now her fatherís business partner is insisting her father wanted her to marry him. Sheís sure her father would never make that commitment without telling her. With his ultimatum of marrying him or else staring her in the face, the only thing left for Maddy to do is answer an ad for a mail-order-bride.

Despite Jeremiah Dennisonís protests, his long-time friend Philip Smith has trusted God to lead him to advertise for a mail-order-bride. Philipís getting up in years and needs help and companionship. Jeremiah is leery of any one who would leave their life to live with a stranger and for gold diggers out for his old friendís wealth.

When Maddy comes to town she quickly wins the old minerís heart but Jeremiah has his doubts. He wants to believe the worse (and he does) without first finding out the truth. What bothers him the most is his attraction to Maddy; his friendís bride-to-be. Jeremiah doesnít know that Maddyís feelings for Philip are one you would have for your grandfather. Maddy is drawn to Jeremiah too but how can she trust a man who doesnít trust her?

God has His way of working out His plans. Will Maddyís past catch up with her; can she trust God enough to see His plan? Will Jeremiah be able to trust God and Maddy with his heart?

Ms Dooley has a way of writing that makes her characters real. They were depicted with the emotions that we all have, you could feel them. Maddy and Jeremiahís story makes you think about how many things you assume are true but they may not be.

As with all of the "Love Finds You" books I have been privileged to review, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico is an inspirational romance that has a fine mix of everything that makes a good inspirational story. Though the inspiration is a bit stronger than some inspirational romances; itís not overwhelming giving the reader something to think about. As with the others Iíve enjoyed my trip to Golden, NM and look forward to another journey where love finds itís way.


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