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A Hard Day's Fright by Casey Daniels


Cover art: A Hard Day's Fright by Casey Daniels Reviewer: Jillean Wallace
Title: A Hard Day's Fright - 7th in the Pepper Martin Mystery series
Author: Casey Daniels
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-24056-4
Release Date: April 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal Romantic Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, Cleveland, OH
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Casey's Website/Blog: www.caseydaniels.com

Pepper Martin is a tour guide for a local cemetery, a job she doesnít thoroughly enjoy but makes the most out of. Some time ago, while working at the cemetery, Pepper fell and hit her head and is now able to see and speak to ghosts. Word has gotten around in the spiritual realm that Pepper is very good at solving mysteries involving murders and the like. Now Pepper, much to her dismay, has found herself in the middle of solving many mysteries involving these ghosts.

Today seems to be going smoothly for Pepper until, of course, she is greeted by the ghost of Lucy. Lucy, it seems, was on her way home from a Beatles concert one night with her friends. She was the last to leave the train they were all riding. While she was walking home someone grabbed her from behind and dumped her in the trunk of a car. The next thing she remembers is finding herself back on the train and nobody can see her. Obviously Lucy realizes she has been murdered and word has it that if anybody can solver her murder, it would be Pepper.

Pepper isnít sure what to make of all of this, but finds herself intrigued by Lucyís story and promises to at least try to help her. What has Pepper at a loss is that Lucy has been dead for forty-five years. Pepper isnít sure how to find a missing corpse after so long or if there are even any clues as to what may have happened. As she starts to unravel the mysterious murder, Pepper finds help in the most unlikely of places right in her own town with one of her coworkers. Can she help Pepper find who killed Lucy and help put her ghost to rest, or will digging up the past make Pepper another unlikely victim?

If you are looking for a great little mystery then look no further than Casey Danielsí A Hard Dayís Fright. This book is such a wonderful whodunit mystery and harkens back to the classic Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie novels I used to read as a kid. This book has many wonderful classic twists and turns and will keep readers guessing until the final end. Ms. Daniels weaves a wonderful tale and ties up everything at the end with a pretty bow leaving nothing unturned. Readers will fall in love with Pepper Martin and her unorthodox detective skills. I canít wait to see what is in store for ace detective Pepper Martin next.


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