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Heart of the Witch by Alicia Dean


Cover art: Heart of the Witch Reviewer: Lori Graham
Title: Heart of the Witch
Author: Alicia Dean
Publisher: Dorchester
ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52826-1
Release Date: November 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romantic Suspense
Year/Setting: Current/Oklahoma
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sexual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Alicia's Website/Blog: www.aliciadean.com

Oklahoma City is dealing with a very sadistic serial killer. He is taking young women and torturing them to fulfill his needs. He calls himself the Tin Man. He makes no mistakes in the crime scenes until the day comes that he kidnaps Ravyn Skyler.

Ravyn is a member of a coven and she broke all the rules when she set his crotch on fire. He is in pain and leaves with her remaining alive. She desperately wants to forget it all happened, but unfortunately, there are forces which are not going to allow her to do that.

Nick Lassiter is an ex-homicide detective, turned private investigator. Unfortunately, he spends more time in the bottle then actually working casesóuntil one of the murdered womenís husbands comes to visit him and asks him to take the case. He doesnít want to but is put in a position where it becomes his anyway.

As he spends time with the woman who escaped the clutches of this serial killer, there are parts of the story that just arenít sitting well with him. He knows Ravyn is withholding something but yet he is drawn to her in way he never anticipated.

Does the genre listed above tell you anything? Alicia Dean brings so much into her work that it definitely has something for everyone. The characters bring a great deal of depth. The Tin Man has just the right amount of evil for a villain. He keeps the reader uncomfortable and leery of his vivid persona. Nick is a hunk of a hero and one that every woman wants to be with Ė not only is he handsome and strong but he is flawed and a healing of his body and spirit occurs through the story. While I donít understand covens all that well, I do understand a woman trying to figure out the best way to go forward after a trauma of some kind. She has dealt with something most of us canít fully comprehend but she faces the demon and comes out stronger.

I have read Alicia Deanís work before but this manuscript is truly one of her best.


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