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Her Desert Dream by Liz Fielding


Cover art: Her Desert Dream Reviewer: Danielle Mason
Title: Her Desert Dream
Author: Liz Fielding
Publisher: Harlequin (Romance)
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-17626-7
Release Date: December 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present day, England/Qatar
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: None
Liz's Website/Blog: www.lizfielding.com

Lydia Young, since the age of 15, has been impersonating Lady Roseanne Napier, "England's Sweetheart." Years later, at one gig Lydia runs into the real Roseanne, or Rose. During their brief encounter Rose asks Lydia how much she would charge to really impersonate her should she ever just needed to get away from it all. Lydia of course said she would do it for nothing, not believing that in only three weeks she would get a call that would change her life.

Rose just wants some time to herself before her big wedding so she asks Lydia to go and stay at Bab al Sama as her for a week of relaxation and pampering. What Rose doesn't know is the Princess Lucy al-Khatib is taking her visit seriously and has asked her husband's cousin Sheikh Kalil al-Zaki to be her bodyguard.

Kalil is a part of the royal family, however hes been exiled because of the way his father and grandfather had chose to live their lives. In doing this favor for the Princess it would give him the chance he needs to ask The Emir, or King/Ruler, the favor of lifting his Grandfather from exile so he could come home and die in the place he loves the most.

What Kalil doesn't expect is the woman that he meets at the airport. He almost immediately realizes that either she has a split personality or she is not the real Lady Rose. The closer Lucy and Kalil get the more they are starting to fall for each other. This is very hard on Lucy until finally Kalil lets her know he has figured out that she is not really Lady Rose. From then on though trying to keep it a secret for Lady Rose's sake Lucy and Kalil begin the explore their newly budding relationship. That is until it is reported that Lady Rose had been kidnapped. Lucy, believing that they have arrested Kalil, goes to The Emir to beg for not only his release but for Kalil's grandfather to be allowed back home to die. Soon afterward Lucy leaves Bab el Sama not knowing if she will ever see Kalil again.

For Lydia and Kalil's relationship you'd think it doomed from the start but it wasn't. Kalil trying to bring out the real Lucy is what makes their relationship so interesting. She says and does things that just aren't what you would expect from someone in her position. The way they interact and bond is also what makes them not only a great couple but a couple that are the best of friends as well.

I read the book in one day because I was so intrigued by the plot and just had to know how these two were going to find their way into one another's arms and live happily ever after in the end!


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