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Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom


Cover art: Hex in High Heels Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: Hex in High Heels - 4th in Jazz Tremaine Series
Author: Linda Wisdom
Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN-13: 978-1-402-21819-4
Release Date: October 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day, Moonstone Lake
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Very Mild
Violent Content Rating: None
Linda's Website: myspace.com/lindawisdombooks

After being expelled from the Witches Academy almost 700 years ago, a group of witchy friends have lived their lives among humans and have learned to make their way in a non-magical world. Two of the witches, Blair and Stasi, live in the Moonstone Lake area. The locals know what they are, but itís a quiet and peaceful existence.

One of the local witches, Blair Fitzpatrick, is after the sexy shape-shifting carpenter, Jake Harrison. She has been after him for ages and just as she thinks they are going to get closer and move their relationship to the next level, Jake puts on the brakes and leaves Blair upset and frustratedÖin more than one way. Jake finds out his family is back in the area and that can only spell trouble. Heís trying to protect Blair from the dysfunctional family he feels lucky to have gotten away from.

Since it is almost time for the Winter Carnival, the whole town is pulling together to make it the best carnival ever. Everyone thinks itís great that the new owner of the ski lodge is so willing to help with the carnival. It appears he made an error in hiring elves when a busload of unruly, unkempt and highly mischievous elves show up for the carnival. While the town organizer, Agnes, tries to whip them into shape, Jake, Blair and Stasi find out that itís Jakeís brother who now owns the lodge and arranged for the elves. They know heís up to something, but they donít know what it is.

Jakeís family wants him to come back to the pack. When he refuses, they come out and use every magical device at their disposal to keep Jake away from Blair. Between their tactics to get Jake back in the pack and their attempts to undermine the carnival, Blair and Stasi have their hands full.

Here is another fast paced, light and easy read. While the book is part of a series, Linda Wisdom does an excellent job of writing it so new readers are filled in on the back-story while returning readers arenít overwhelmed by the old information. Jake and Blair started to spark in the last book, but the spark turns to quite a sizzle in this one. We get to see so much more depth to their characters in this book and I loved the sense of humor both of them have. Their humor breaks up some of the ugliness of whatís going on with Jakeís dysfunctional family.

The sexual tension builds and builds through the story until I thought Blair would explode. While I rated this book sensual, itís interesting to note that there really isnít much sex in here. Jake and Blair are star-crossed like Romeo and Juliet. It looks like they might never be able to get together. However, when they do, it is hot and sexy.

I enjoyed this book more than the last one. At first, I missed some of the other witches from the Academy, but I think having fewer characters to track made the book easier to follow. For those who are fans of the series, Iíll let you know that Fluff and Puff, the bunny slippers are backÖand wait until you see the mess they make this time. This book comes just in time for Halloween so sit back with your favorite candy and enjoy a sexy, hexy romance.


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