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Hexes and Hemlines by Juliet Blackwell


Cover art: Hexes and Hemlines Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Hexes and Hemlines - 3rd in the Witchcraft Mystery series
Author: Juliet Blackwell
Publisher: Obsidian
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-23378-3
Release Date: June 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic/Paranormal/Cozy Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, San Francisco area
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: Moderate/Intense (Paranormal based)
Juliet's Website/Blog: julietblackwell.net

She’s been called on to share her witchy expertise by Detective Rameriez. The crime scene is unusual to say the least, but Lily Ivory is confused by more than just the crime scene itself; she’s worried there has been a dark and powerful force at work here. There’s no vibrations, no hum of any residual life force…something that is quite unusual.

Bad luck and superstitions, or the attempt at disproving their existence is at the base of the Serpentarian Society. It seems that while one member, Malachi, the head of the society, has been murdered, the other members have been having a run of bad luck in one form or another.

Lily is more bravely determined than ever to uncover the murderer, but there is more going on than meets the eye. Somebody is not using their power for good but for their own intentions. Someone is putting serious hexes on her friends to warn Lily away and she doesn’t take too kindly to that.

As she questions and digs, Lily realizes there’s one shot at bringing a killer to justice and taking on a dark force.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, the base of this series is just a bit out of my comfort zone, however, I believe Ms. Blackwell walks a fine line that caters to readers in and of this comfort zone while staying true to her characters, story, and own writing.

Lily is continuing to feel her way through budding friendships, growing a business, and honing her craft for the greater good.

Though on the creepy, spooky, and somewhat icky side (paranormal readers, you’ll love this series!) I wouldn’t have missed a book by Ms. Blackwell for anything.

Happy reading!

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