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Honeymoon Suite by Lynn Michaels


Honeymoon Suite cover art
Reviewer: Robyn
Title: Honeymoon Suite
Author: Lynn Michaels
Publisher: Ballantine Books/An Ivy Book
ISBN: 0-345-47600-X
Release Date: January 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present
Overall rating: 4.75
Sexual content rating: Subtle
Lynn's Website: lynnmichaels.romance-central.com

Wow!! What can I say?? I LOVED this book. Iím now searching out backlist books from Lynn Michaels. Normally, contemporary novels leave me feeling like something was missing. Not this book! Lynn Michaels has a way with characters that is unbelievable. She really gives depth and dimension to the characters in her book. They really showed their human sides in Honeymoon Suite. I found myself wanting to pick up a phone and call them at different times in the story. I identified with the characters and they became "friends" to me.

One word of warning---donít read this book in bed while your darling husband is sleeping. Ms. Michaels has such a wonderful sense of humor that I found myself giggling, chuckling and even laughing out loud. Waking my sleeping husband made him a little less darling and a little more crabby. Especially when he asked what was the matter and I answer that Iím laughing at my book...so go back to sleep, honey.

I really thought the plot moved along nicely. I didnít find boring spots. It just kept a really nice steady pace. Honeymoon Suite does have a little mystery thrown in as well which kept my attention. I found this to be the most interesting and entertaining book Iíve read in months.

I have only one important thing to say about the book Honeymoon Suite. DONíT MISS IT!


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