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Jericho Road by Icy Snow Blackstone


Cover art: Jericho Road Reviewer: Kimberly Stephens
Title: Jericho Road
Author: Icy Snow Blackstone
Publisher: Lyrical Press
ISBN: 2940000171202
Release Date: April 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Romance/Fiction
Year/Setting: 1970's/ southern USA
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle/Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal
Icy Snow's Website: www.tonivsweeney.com.com

I have to say, that it's books like Jericho Road that make me feel inadequate as a reviewer.† The story leaves a profound effect and a lasting emotion, yet the story itself is so poignant that it's hard to find the words to give it the justice that it deserves.† It's kind of like a heart to heart chat with a longtime friend thatís lasts for hours, that another close friend wants you to sum up in 30 words or less.† Either way, I hope that I can give the story and characters justice enough that all of you will want to read it!† Jericho Road is a story, simply put, about the complexities of life.† It grabs your interest and makes it hard for you to put it down.† Itís filled with a cast of characters that cause you to have a deep response: either love or hate.† Most importantly, it forces you to look at yourself!† It's a story about truth; the one you show the world and the ones you keep inside. Itís a story about relationships and the complexities or the loving simplicity of them.† It's a story about persona flaws and personal actions.† Itís a story about love, hate, and all the emotions in between.† Itís a story about family; the one we're given and the one we make.

We are first introduced to the Conyer family, upon their eldest son's return from Vietnam.† Wade returns home to the arms of his loving family, with a beautiful new wife, and the world at his feet.† Yet, all is not as it appears. Wade harbors emotional wounds from the war, wound that require him to use deception to heal. This deception sets of the turmoil and struggle of the novel. I ask you; to please trust me that this is a novel worth reading!! The strength of the layers of the plot is not one that can be summarized with any sense of justice!!!† Wade's interpersonal struggles spill over to almost every other character of the book causing an avalanche of sorrow, violence, betrayal, and loss of innocence to touch almost every person that the Conyer family comes in contact with.†Heath is the youngest son of the clan, stuck between being a boy and a man, on the edge of a dream, just waiting to break away from the confines of his traditional Southern family.† His quest for life and adventure, and the devious nature of those around him, set Wade and Heath on a crash course with destiny!† Lindsay, the young southern belle, and youngest child,†is perhaps the only member of her family that can see that the world is changing around them, embarks on the romance of a lifetime with a most untraditional choice of a mate, an Indian half-breed, Dr. Logan Redhawk. Their romance is one for the ages, for all the right reasons, yet a sinister feeling in the town almost causes them to lose it all...violently.† One of my favorites parts about this book is that the town, or more accurately, the mindset of a changing American landscape, is the true main character. It provides the tone, emotion, and poignancy that makes this a great novel.†

I will recommend this book to my family and friends; itís a great novel that addresses relevant social issues, without being overbearing.† Itís a poignant story about what matters most in life, and that is relationships!†


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