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Kept for Her Baby by Kate Walker


Cover art: Kept for Her Baby Reviewer: Lori Graham
Title: Kept for Her Baby
Author: Kate Walker
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-52738-0
Release Date: October 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Current/Italy
Overall Rating: 3.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Kate's Website: kate-walker.com

Lucy wants nothing more than to spend time with her son, Marco. He is an infant who really needs his mother and she is determined to make her way back into his life. She did what she had to do to protect him but now that problem has been dealt with and it is time to come home. She wants desperately to prove to Ricardo that she isnít what he thought.

Ricardo Emiliani has spent his adult lifetime trying to stay away from women who want his money or status in life. He thought he had found that with Lucy but just as he began to let his guard down, she started spending and running around. She seemed to totally forget the fact she had just had a baby and they were supposed to be a family. Because of her behavior, he wasnít at all surprised when she just took off one day.

What did surprise him was when Lucy tried to come back. He really doesnít want to listen to her but canít help his heart reaching out to her.

I really liked the story line to Kept for Her Baby. Lucy brings to light a very important issue that woman might face after childbirth. I donít want to go into a lot of depth there because I donít want to give too much of the story away. However, Kate Walker obviously has either done her research or had personal experience with what Lucy goes through. It is very evident and poignant as we walk through Lucyís experiences. My heart went on that journey with her and I enjoyed watching her grow and find some strength within herself.

The area I struggled in was with our hero Ricardo. It is obvious that he loves his son for which I applaud him. He truly represents a great father which was rather touching. Where is had a problem was how quickly he reincorporated Lucy into their lives and how little he seemed to verify the things she was saying. It was sweet that he allowed her to see her son but most men in todayís society would have pushed for more answers before they allowed that and would have verified everything they were being told. He had been very hurt by the fact she just took off so it was a bit difficult for my brain to understand how quickly he seemed to forgive her.

All in all, I think it is a story very well worth reading. There are some very touching scenes sprinkled throughout.


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