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Love Bites by Adrienne Barbeau


Cover art: Love Bites Reviewer: Jillean Wallace
Title: Love Bites
Author: Adrienne Barbeau
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-36728-2 (Hardcover)
Release Date: August 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal
Year/Setting: Present day, Hollywood CA
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Intense
Adrienne's Website/Blog: www.abarbeau.com

Reigning "scream queen" Ovsanna Moore and Beverly Hills Detective Peter King have just survived the fallout of the vampyre war in Hollywood and have decided to spend the Christmas holidays with his family. What seems like a normal holiday gathering to most is in fact far from it. Ovsanna wonít be enjoying dinner like the rest of the family because she is in fact a vampyre. Peter is well aware of this but canít seem to shake the attraction he feels for her.

Just when the chemistry between the two begins to really heat up, Peter is called to a grisly scene at the Sportsmanís Lodge. It seems a local was literally ripped apart and left lying in a pond. Peter has seen the darker side of Hollywood and knows this is no ordinary murder. He thinks something paranormal is going on and enlists Ovsannaís help in finding the killer. Ovsanna has some problems of her own, though when she is attacked by a werewolf. She also has to contend with her assistant, and sometimes lover, Maral. Maral is jealous of Ovsannaís relationship with Peter and will do anything to end it. Peter and Ovsanna are in a race to find the killer before one of them ends up dead.

I was so happy to be able to read both Vampyres of Hollywood and Love Bites back to back. I really recommend reading them together because the flow of both books feels like one story cut into two. Thatís why I didnít reveal as much in this review as the first one. In order to explain the events at the beginning of this book, the ending of the previous book would have to be revealed. I didnít want to spoil the readersí fun by revealing everything ;).

Ovsanna is a breath of fresh air and you start to feel for her and wonder if she will ever have a happy ending. Here is a tough-as-nails vampyre who seems to have a lot of the same problems we mere mortals have. She has finally found a guy who knows what she is and doesnít run screaming, but instead takes it at face value and deals with it. The passion between Ovsanna and Peter is steamy and charming at the same time. With all of the influx of vampyre stories and TV shows out today, Love Bites is a fresh and exciting new avenue in the world of vampyres.


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