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Lucy Monroe


April 2006

I was given the opportunity to visit with multi-genre author, Lucy Monroe, so I jumped at the chance. We talked a bit about each of her different romance genres and I learned a bit about the flip side to Lucy. I'm happy to share our conversation with you.

Connie: Hello, Lucy. Iím happy to have the chance to visit with you about your writing as well as hopefully learn a few things about you. Before I start with my inquisition, would you tell me a bit about yourself and maybe give me a peek at what youíre working on now?

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Lucy: I love writing romance. It's really an addiction and I'm darn lucky my family is okay with that. I've got an incredible hubby who is truly the alpha hero at the end of a book and three teens, who challenge what I thought I knew about life as absolute pretty much daily. I'm currently working on a follow-up Brava to my mercenary trilogy. The hero is introduced in "And Able" and the book will launch a new series of single title contemporaries for me.

Connie: Congratulations! Weíll be looking for that series to come out!

Letís start with your newest novel Tempt Me. Tell me about it and how the idea for the story (trilogy) came about.

Lucy: My stories always start with the characters...some scene, or snippet of dialogue that opens the way for the rest of the book to unfold. This trilogy started with the prologue in Touch Me and Tempt Meís story idea came after I met Irisa for the first time. I could see inside her so clearly and knew she had to have her own story too.

Connie: Talk about the chemistry between Irisa and Lucas. When you began writing their story did you anticipate the chemistry to emanate from and between them the way that it did?

Lucy: I always expect my characters to have super strong chemistry because I believe that sexual attraction is a big part of romance. It isn't reliant on a characters looks, but rather something deep inside of them that calls to their "mate" (for lack of a better term). It's sort of primitive and well, I believe it exists...so I write about it.

Tempt Me cover art Connie: For many authors characters become real. From what I understand, thatís the case with you, Lucy. As they fully developed, what did you learn about each of them that you hadnít known prior to their appearance on your computer screen?

Lucy: For Irisa, I learned that she was willing to sacrifice a lot for her sense of what is right, even the approval of those she truly cares about. With Lucas, I was well into the book before I realized that he was so stubborn. I thought Irisa was the stubborn one, but for the story to go where it did, Lucas had to be even more intransigent and he was.

Connie: Thanks for giving the romance readers whoíve never picked up one of your historicals a peek into your view of the main characters. Now what about the antagonist? What was your thought process when creating and deciding who it (you know who-donít want to give anything away ;-) would be in this story? Other than the blackmail, what sort of conflict did you want them to bring to Irisa and Lucas?

Lucy: I'm sorry, I don't remember. A lot of things just come to be for me when I'm writing a story. I didn't realize that the antagonist was going to challenge Irisa's love for Lucas or her belief that she could have a happy life, but that is what happened and it worked.

Connie: Yea, for the things that come to be for you!

Whether in Tempt Me, or any of the other books youíve written, have you ever had a secondary character that was supposed play one role but headed off in a different direction wanting to play another? Touch Me cover art

Lucy: Actually, since I really let the characters lead from the outset, I've never experienced this. I recognize that no person is black or white and my characters aren't either, so it wouldn't surprise me for a villain to show a humanitarian streak or for the hero to really mess up with the heroine.

Connie: Which they do sometimes, the villain and the hero, donít they?

About the Harlequin Presents for a minute, in addition to your love and talent for writing, do you find that your travels have helped to make your stories richer and more three-dimensional?

Lucy: Probably. The fact that I love to travel and research new places is even more important than the fact that I have. A lot of people travel without really soaking up the setting, if you know what I mean. But my family and I really like to immerse ourselves in local culture when we travel. My mom instilled this in me and I trained my hubby after marriage. LOL

Connie: Not a bad thing at all.

Online reads are becoming more prevalent. Youíve had them with HP. Other than the obvious, in what way are they both different and the same as the printed book from start to finish?

Lucy: An online read is not the same as an e-book. Online reads are free to the reader and the chapters are posted on a schedule. His Royal Love-Child cover art When I wrote mine, it was imperative to end each chapter on a hook because I wanted the readers to come back the next week for the following chapter. Other than that, the process was very much the same as the one I have for my Presents.

Connie: Itís also a great way to let readers new to you see and feel your writing style.

Lucy, you write sensual historicals, contemporary series romance, and spicy romance for the Brava line. Do you think writing for these different romance genres keeps the ideas fresh and flowing? Do you feel as if you have the best of both worlds so-to-speak as far as being able to cross the genre field?

Lucy: I absolutely do. For me, writing multiple genres is what keeps my creative muse dancing and I love it!

Connie: One last question about writing and then weíll move on. When youíre writing do you focus entirely on the story or do you have in the back of your mind what you want readers to feel when reading your books?

Lucy: The story. I'm always thrilled when readers respond positively, but I have to write for the characters first, last and always.

Connie: Understandable.

Many families have traditions when they get together just because or for special occasions such as play cards or board games. You have a big family. What is your favorite family get together activity? Ready cover art

Lucy: Talking. We're all chatty, from the youngest to the oldest and we all really like each other, so there's a lot of talking that goes on at family gatherings. And it's fun!

Connie: The definition of romance means something a little different to each of us. Using your definition, Lucy, what is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

Lucy: He does so much for me that I classify as romantic, both huge gestures and small ones that there's no way to decide. How about the most recent? He called today because he wasn't coming home for lunch just to see how I am and when I told him some good news he sent me an email afterward just filled with praise and sexy promise. It really made my day...but he does that a lot.

Connie: There's an "Awww" moment for you!

Youíre a damsel in distress. What fictional SuperHero would you rather assist you in your rescue?

Lucy: Wolverine from the X-Men because he's so dark and brooding and I'd want to rescue him right back.

Connie: Hmm. Interesting. : - )

Which would you prefer? A maid for the day or a day at the beach, all costs paid of course.

Three Brides For Three Bad Boys cover art Lucy: A day at the beach. You can clean your house anytime, but a whole day with your family someplace fun is irreplaceable.

Connie: And last, but not least, what is the biggest self-indulgence you allow yourself?

Lucy: Getting my nails done. I work really long hours and taking the time to do that feels very self-indulgent.

Connie: With that Iíll give you my thanks. But before I let you go, is there anything I forgot to ask that you want readers and fans to know?

Lucy: I don't think so, but thank YOU for wanting to chat with me...as I said, that's one of my favorite things.

Connie: My pleasure!

Thanks for the chat, Lucy!

Tempt Me is an April 2006 historical release.

For those of you who would like more information about Lucy Monroe, please take a moment to visit her Website www.lucymonroe.com.

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"Just a wonderful interview, which just goes to show what an incredible author she is. Her Royal Bride series is wonderful, plus Tempt Me and her last in her Merc series And Able. Ready, and Willing were wonderful!

Your Interview gave such insight into this author. Thanks for sharing and giving your readers another perspective. Great website by the way."

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