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The Spotlight is Shining Brightly on Margaret Blake...

Margaret Blake picture "I was born in Manchester, England – actually during the blitz. My Grandson wrote a story about me and told how I was 'born under a table' when actually what I had told him was that I used to 'hide under a table when the bombs were falling!' If ever I do write an autobiography I certainly know what to call it.

John, my husband, and I lived in the United States when we were younger, however we did not know one another then, and it is just one of those small coincidences that seem to bind us together. We used to travel quite a bit and lived in St Tropez, France for a short time, which was quite amazing.

I always wanted to be a writer but when I was growing up such things were not possible for me. My parents were wonderful but they were quite hard up. From being fifteen I had to go out and earn money and did lots of different jobs from window dresser, waitress and secretarial work. I ran a pub and worked in a hotel, lots of variety is highly recommended for any writer. Having such a varied career did me no harm, in fact in many ways it was a great educator.

I always wrote from being a little girl but it was John who encouraged me to do something about it and in l978 I had my first novel accepted for publication. I wrote historical and contemporary romance over a period of ten years and then opted to go into Higher education. This proved to be another remarkable experience, I can highly recommend being a student at 40, and you meet so many interesting people. It used to amuse me to see that it was the mature students that turned up for all the lectures!

I have one wonderful son, a fantastic daughter in law and three lovely grandchildren. They live in the States so I get to come over every year, which is marvelous. I do so enjoy being in the States. American people are so friendly and welcoming.

My hobbies are walking and reading and of course writing. I like the theatre and films and television – I am a Frasier freak and just have to watch all the CSI shows. I really feel lucky to have my family and my friends. They are a wonderful support to me. "

Beloved Deceiver...

Beloved Deceiver cover "I have something to ask you, will you marry me?" His first thought was "You’ve got to be joking" and he thought she was. Only Flora was serious. She was practically being forced by her father to marry a man she detested. Thus begins a daring deception…the only trouble is Flora is a woman in love and Marsden Collingwood can have his pick of women who are more beautiful than her!

What they are saying about this book:
"Beloved Deceiver is a fascinating romance"
Romance Junkies

"Ms. Blake writes an attractive story as Beloved Deceiver comes to life, through its believable characters and intriguing romantic plot."
Pamela Jenewein Romance at Heart Magazine

"Beloved Deceiver is a sweet and sensual read! This is definitely a book I would recommend to readers."
Chantay, Euro-Reviews

How The Book Came To Be...

How did this book come about? Well, I was sitting mulling on a cold afternoon, about what it would be like in Greece. I visualized a lovely warm island surrounded by a turquoise coloured sea. I pictured green hills dotted by white villas. It was a delicious day dream. I snapped awake and thought – suppose in one of those villas there was this totally ditzy girl and this sophisticated man. She is in some kind of trouble. She needs his help. I wanted the scene to be light and funny. I know, I thought, she asks him to marry her. She is the antithesis of the kind of girl he goes out with but he likes her for some crazy reason. What would happen if ……

There you go Beloved Deceiver was conceived – and believe me this baby went the whole nine months!

Something Not Known About Me...

"I cannot ride a bicycle!"

A Note From Margaret...

I love to hear from my readers so I hope you will visit my website. There is an address there so you can drop me a line. If you would like to hear from me via my now and again newsletter do let me know. I promise I will not be in your in-box more than four or five times a year. I hate spam so don’t get into it. But it is fun to keep in touch.

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