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Match Game by Beverly Brandt


Match Game cover art Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: Match Game
Author: Beverly Brandt
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 0-425-20828-1
Release Date: June 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present
Overall rating: 4.5
Sexual content rating: Subtle
Profanity Rating: Mild
Beverly's Website: www.beverlybrandt.com

If you consider yourself a well-read romance reader, would you:

  1. Walk by this book on a shelf because it looks a little risqué? After all, there are handcuffs on the hands of the woman on the cover and you don’t want to be associated with crime.
  2. Read the book, but put it inside of one of those book light covers. This way, you can read in bed or in dark places with the aid of the book light and if you are reading in public, nobody will know you are reading romance novels.
  3. Grab the book, read it as fast as you can, laugh like crazy and tell everyone you know to read it, too!
If you chose A, you might be too cautious of your reading material. You B girls are getting warmer---at least you are reading romance (albeit under the cover of darkness). You C girls, Way to Go!! You’ve got the right spirit for the new and improved Savannah Taylor.

Savannah loves to take magazine quizzes so she’d like to see your answers to her question above. She’s a mild mannered CPA in Maple Rapids, Michigan who is about to marry a very predictable (if not boring in my mind) man who may not create fireworks for her, but is responsible to the core. However, on her wedding day, he feds break into the church in the middle of the ceremony to arrest her for tax evasion and money laundering. As it turns out, her identity was stolen by somebody in Florida and she is soon released from jail.

However, the fiancé is gone because he can’t live down the shame of it all. Even though she’s innocent, in her small town it’s hard to not be treated like a criminal. She decides she’ll no longer be the "A" answer girl, but heads straight to "C" which means a move to Florida and time to recreate herself into a party girl and fun loving gal. Can all these articles help turn an A girl into a crazy C woman? Join the fun as we watch Savannah try.

Oh—while in Florida, she does have a hunky landlord. Too bad she thinks he’s gay. What’s worse, he’s not gay, is attracted to her, but sees the criminal record on her background check. That makes her off limits.

I had such a great time watching the sparks fly and the fun that ensues when Savannah makes up her mind to change. There are quizzes between each chapter to summarize the prior chapter to give us a taste of what’s to come. I have always found Ms. Brandt’s books to be charming and full of fun. This one takes the wedding cake on fun.


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