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Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh


Cover art: Midnight Sins Reviewer: Jillean Wallace
Title: Midnight Sins - 1st in the Sins series
Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-38908-6
Release Date: August 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic Suspense
Year/Setting: Present day Corbin County, Colorado
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Lora's Website/Blog: www.loraleigh.com

The people of Corbin County are a tight knit community determined to keep their children on the straight and narrow path. They host block parties every weekend where the kids have someplace to go and hang out instead of getting into trouble. The only trouble that seems to be had in town is in three young boys. Rafer Callahan and his two cousins Logan and Crowe seem to be determined to put a stain on this quiet town. These three boys have seemingly been on the wrong side of the tracks since they were little. They have been picked on and put down for as long as they can remember but nobody seems to be able to tell them why or what started the hatred for them.

Rafer and his cousins decided right after high school that the best thing for them would be to leave town. All three boys joined the military and have done well for themselves. Unfortunately, in order for them to receive the inheritance that their mothers had left for them, they must return to their hometown and put down roots. Rafer has inherited the ranch he grew up on and has decided to try and make the best out of a difficult situation. Things only get more complicated when Cami Flannigan steps in his path. The two have a long and tumultuous past. Now that Cami has grown into a beautiful woman, Rafer is determined to have her in his life for good.

Cami has always had a schoolgirl crush on bad boy Rafer Callahan. Even when he went into the military, Cami has never forgotten him or how she feels. The death of her sister so many years ago has put a strain on the town and on Cami. Rafer and his cousins were accused of the murder along with a string of others by the townspeople, but Cami and a few others are not sure they were to blame. Now Cami must decide if she should trust Rafer or risk losing her heart and possibly her life.

I normally don’t read many romantic suspense novels. I tend to stick to paranormal romances but having read several of Lora Leigh’s books in the past I decided to give this one a shot. I was definitely not disappointed. This is the first in a new series and packed a punch from beginning to end. This story is intriguing, fast-paced and has so much mystery and action that it will keep you glued to the very end. Several times I caught myself looking at the cover to make sure of the author. I kept thinking I had picked up a Nora Roberts book, it is that amazing. I have been a fan of Ms. Leigh’s Breed series from the start, but I think I have found a new favorite series in this one. Readers will not be disappointed by Ms. Leigh’s new addition.


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