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Mind Games by Karen Wiesner


Cover art: Mind Games Reviewer: Danielle Mason
Title: Mind Games
Author: Karen Wiesner
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-60313-808-6
Release Date: October 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic Suspense
Year/Setting: Present day, Washington D.C
Overall Rating: 4.25
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Moderate
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Karen's Website/Blog: www.angelfire.com/stars4/kswiesner

Twenty years ago Jocelyn's life took on some major changes. Not only was her divorce from her husband Chase final, but she was also asked along with Chase to join the Network. The Network is an anonymous covert organization sanctioned by the American Government and known only by the highest officials. These highest officials are the President and a select committee in the White House called Oversight, which act as a liaison for the operation.

For a while now Jocelyn has been sick. When she finally breaks down and goes to the Network’s doctor, she is told she has a brain tumor brought on by the one and a half years she tested the Brain Interface. The Brain Interface is used to study the neuro-scientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy. Because of her terminal diagnosis, Jocelyn has been forced to retire and live out the rest of her days in the Network's mountain safe house. After everyone, including Chase is told of Jocelyn's diagnosis; Chase tries to be the one to go to the mountain safe house with Jocelyn. He is turned down by Shannon, the head of the Network, with the excuse that he has to finish up the Black Files assignment he is currently on.

From the moment Jocelyn steps into the safe house she feels like something is wrong. Like there are ghosts and she hears voices. It also doesn't help that the safe house looks just like the home her father was murdered in. By putting her in the safe house, The Network is hoping to kind of (in a sense) kill two birds with one stone. They hope it will help Jocelyn through the rough time ahead and also figure out the mystery that everyone thinks revolves around her father's death. They think that Jocelyn has it locked deep in her brain and by somehow reliving memories she may remember something that is very important in finding out what actually happened that day.

This book really picks up on the mystery, suspense and romance when Chase finally gets up to the safe house with Jocelyn's doctor, only to find that Jocelyn is injured. Not only is the Network after Jocelyn for her memories, but it has become very clear someone is also out to kill her for them as well. Chase also finally figures out what or whom is behind Jocelyn's illness as well. After sitting down with the head of the Network and finding out what their side of the story was is when Chase asks to let him take Jocelyn away to the bungalow they shared on their honeymoon. He bought if after their divorce. Only one trustworthy person would know where they were and Jocelyn would have a place to rest, relax and recoup after the horrible ordeal she had gone through.

While at the bungalow not only do Chase and Jocelyn fully rekindle their marriage but it's also where you learn who is actually trying to kill Jocelyn. This hatred toward Jocelyn goes back to when she was a child and is related to her father's murder so many years ago.

I love mystery/suspense romances. They give you just enough of everything to keep you reading. Mind Games is a very good example of knowing how to measure everything out so you are never bored or getting too much of one thing. Chase and Jocelyn's relationship is a very big selling point of the book for me. I love how they are written. At first Karen Wiesner kind of makes it sound like they don't belong together but the more you read and find out the more you realize its not them personally that don't belong together. They do in fact complement one another very well. It's their families and sometimes their lives in general that has made it hard for them to get along. Also in my opinion nothing can rekindle a romance like a mystery, to show you where you true loyalties actually lie!


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