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Moon Spinners by Sally Goldenbaum


Cover art: Moon Spinners Reviewer: Mary Lignor
Title: Moon Spinners - 3rd in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series
Author: Sally Goldenbaum
Publisher: NAL
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22988-5 (Hardcover)
Release Date: April 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Cozy Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, Sea Harbor Massachusetts
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Sally's Website/Blog: www.sallygoldenbaum.com

Hi Readers,

A very pleasing read that includes a group of characters that will delight you.

This book is the third in a series called the Seaside Knitters Mysteries. It takes place in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, a small fishing village that sounds just perfect. White sand beaches, cool breezes and a knitters club including both men and women that love to unravel mysteries. One of the knitters, Gracie Santos, is about to open a new restaurant on the beach called the Lazy Lobster and Soup Cafe. All the members of the knitting club are helping to clean it up and get it ready for the summer opening. All of these delightful characters take a break from their labors to attend a special yacht club dinner to honor Gracie's aunt and uncle, Sophia and Alphonso Santos who, along with another construction company in town, DJ Delaney and Sons, are getting together to improve a picnic area and park for the residents of Sea Harbor. It is a beautiful night for a party and the Seaside Knitters are having a wonderful time. And then things start to happen. The members of a scuba diving club see a red Ferrari fly off a cliff and dive straight down onto the rocks of the shore. Gracie's aunt Sophia was behind the wheel but, it seems that the brakes were tampered with and her death is not an accident, it was murder. The knitters decide to investigate as they think that the main suspect is not guilty of the crime and they want to help find the real culprit. There are many secrets in this small town on the Massachusetts coast as there are in most small towns and it's up to the knitters to find out what's what.

This book is a keeper. The group of knitters, consisting of both sexes, are so tight that they get together each week for food, drink and friendship. I would love to have a group of friends like these. They are always there for each other and care about each other so much that you find yourself caring for them and rooting for them too. I really loved it and highly recommend it to any and all mystery readers (cozy or not).

I'll talk to you soon,

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