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My Cousin Caroline by Rebecca Ann Collins


Cover art: My Cousin Caroline Reviewer: Marlene Breakfield
Title: My Cousin Caroline - 6th in The Pemberley Chronicles
Author: Rebecca Ann Collins
Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-2431-7
Release Date: September 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Historical Romance
Year/Setting: Georgian and Victorian England
Overall Rating: 3.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Rebecca Ann's Website: None found

Caroline Gardiner, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, characters from Pride and Prejudice has grown into a lovely young woman and catches the eye of Colonel Fitzwilliam.  Because of the difference in their ages and Caroline's very young age, Colonel Fitzwilliam is hesitant to ask for her hand in marriage but overcomes his hesitation, and after a long engagement, the two are married.  My Cousin Caroline chronicles Caroline's life from teen years through late, middle age. 

My Cousin Caroline does have romantic elements but does not concentrate on one couples relationship enough to be considered a romance.  Therefore, I classify it as historical fiction.  This book covers much of the turmoil experienced during the late Georgian and Victorian periods, and the reader is given a glimpse into the plight of the poor as seen through the eyes of Caroline and Fitzwilliam, who work to aid the poor and unfortunate and pass reform.  My Cousin Caroline is well-researched-- I only have some minor quibbles with a title error and a marriage, which I think would have been unacceptable in the society of the time.  This book is more somber in tone than Pride and Prejudice-- it contains many tragedies, as well as happy occasions.  While Caroline is a commendable woman, who is very forward thinking, I felt distanced from her and never really felt a connection to her, like I did to the characters in Pride and Prejudice

All in all, My Cousin Caroline is enjoyable for the historical aspect depicted within it but is a little too somber for my tastes. 


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