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My Jane Austen Summer (A Season in Mansfield Park) by Cindy Jones


Cover art: My Jane Austen Summer Reviewer: Amy Lignor
Title: My Jane Austen Summer (A Season in Mansfield Park)
Author: Cindy Jones
Publisher: Wm Morrow
ISBN-13: 9780062003973
Release Date: March 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Women's Fiction
Year/Setting: Present day, England
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle/Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None/Mild
Violent Content Rating: None/Minimal
Cindy's Website/Blog: www.cindysjones.com

Dear Readers:

Any followers will know that I am an absolutely obsessed Jane Austen fan. I still believe that, for romance, there has never been and there never will be a writer who will match Austen’s gift for bringing true romance and beauty to the masses. The hundreds of writers out there who are also obsessed with the wonderful Ms. Austen are coming out with books a-plenty that focus on her beautiful characters, and base their books on concepts that this woman created. Some are good, some not. But this one by Cindy Jones is absolutely lovely. The characters are fun, the romance is strong, and the plot is entertaining - with twists and turns in every chapter.

Our heroine is Lily. Lily is a Jane Austen lover - wishing the she could somehow find that perfect relationship. Unfortunately, the guys she has had in her life have brought her nothing but trouble, and she’s currently trying to forget a relationship that has self-destructed. Not only that - but SHE looks like the obsessed ‘Bad Guy’ in the situation, with her ex-boyfriend actually taking pity on her.

Listening to a friend, Lily decides to go and help out at the Jane Austen Literary Festival taking place in England. When she arrives, Lily is more than a bit depressed, and a little reluctant to join others who are desirous of living in a world of Jane Austen’s creation instead of real life. The problems of every day living follow Lily to the festival, and she ends up trying to help her friend save this wondrous event; deal with little "twits" who need to be put in their place; and, try not to fall in love with a strange man on premises who seems to take her breath away the minute he walks into a room.

This novel is about self-discovery and the realization that, although our past may be a minefield, our present and future can become a life worth living, and fighting for. This book is a wonderful "take" on Mansfield Park, and the way some hopeless romantics can stop making the same mistake over and over again when it comes to love. As a true romance fan, I am definitely adding Cindy Jones to my all-time best author list. Jane Austen would be proud. Enjoy!

Until next time, Amy

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