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The Naked Viscount by Sally MacKenzie


Cover art: The Naked Viscount Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: The Naked Viscount - 6th in the Naked Nobility series
Author: Sally MacKenzie
Publisher: Zebra
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-0254-3
Release Date: June 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Historical Romance
Year/Setting: Regency England
Overall Rating: 4.25
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual/Sexual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None/Mild
Violent Content Rating: Moderate
Sally's Website: www.sallymackenzie.net

This happens to be Jane Parker-Roth’s eighth season. After so many seasons and no reciprocal feelings of love between her and a fit and hale, breathing gentleman of the ton, she’s obviously firmly set on the shelf. Unfortunately she must endure another season when she’d much rather be experiencing adventure, if only between the pages of a book. What she’d really like, though, is for Viscount Motton to notice her and fall madly in love with her.

Lord Amberly has asked Edmund, Viscount Motton, to perform an unusual task. Motton must search his neighbor’s home for a sketch, which could possibly give evidence to names of spies against the Crown. Though he finds it odd that this was requested of him Motton obliges Amberly.

The best place and admittedly the most obvious place one would hide an incriminating sketch would be between the pages of a book or in a cubby of a desk. First stop is the study. Unfortunately he runs into a snag in the form of one very lovely, night-clothed, tempting woman. He’s known the Parker-Roth’s for years. Jane has never been this lovely, has she? It’s a struggle of wills to keep his mind on the task at hand.

A series of events puts Motton in a position to share his mission with Jane, albeit with great reluctance. What they find are pieces to a greater puzzle, a puzzle that immediately shows the depravity that is consuming many of the members of the ton. Their burgeoning knowledge of the ton’s clandestine activities brings them to the brink of grave and unquestionable danger. Yet is it more dangerous to be targeted by "Satan" or a household of five dowager aunts with their menagerie of pets (one of them being a monkey)? Or is it much more dangerous still to find yourself at the mercy of your baser desires for one head-strong, intelligent, beautiful woman?

Wow. Can a book be any more charming yet darkly dangerous than The Naked Viscount?

Motton is the hero extraordinaire. Nothing short of cacophonous chaos reigns within the walls of his home, his life…With (barely) suppressed patience he deals with his meddling eccentric aunts, whom he (secretly) adores, a willful yet desirous Jane, and the responsibility to bring an end to "Satan’s" thoroughly debauched hold on the members of the ton.

Jane is the delightfully stop-him-in-his-tracks-without-realizing-it heroine. She is intelligently scatter-brained, and I mean that in the best possible way. Her passion for adventure and fighting for what’s right and Motton is quite engaging.

I will tell you that there definitely is a dark side to this story, one that Ms. MacKenzie delves into with enough detail that doesn’t leave any questions as to the actual deeds, but she tries, quite successfully, to temper that with lightheartedness, romance, and sizzle.

If you want to smile, sigh, feel a tug of the heart, and be drawn in to a bit of danger, read a Sally MacKenzie romance.

Happy Reading,

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