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Obsession Everlasting by Lisa Phillips


Cover art: Obsession Everlasting Reviewer: Kimberly Stephens
Title: Obsession Everlasting
Author: Lisa Phillips
Publisher: Black Lyon
ISBN: 978-1-934912-18-1
Release Date: July 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day/ Southern US
Overall Rating: 3.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Moderate/Alludes to graphic events
Lisa's Website: lisa-phillips.com

Obsession Everlasting is a book about pure emotions, pure connections, and matters of the heart. It matters very little that itís about vampires, because it focuses on the essence of life, both mortal and immortal, and thatís connections and the ties that bind. Obsession Everlasting is a story about people, actions, consequences, and family connections; both the ones we make and the ones that are made for us.

Simon is a vampire, trying to make his way in the modern world, while avoiding the mistakes of centuries past and desperately trying to straddle the line between mortal and vampire. Simon is a successful businessman, who little is known about, and Fallyn is a struggling journalist whose been having some pretty intense dreams about a man she canít see, but can only feel! Simon, has been waiting for centuries for Fallyn, and arranges for her to be the journalist to write the much coveted expose on him. Neither of them can imagine what this meeting will mean to the worlds that they each inhabit.

During their weekend together, Fallyn senses that many things are quite right with Simon and his house, and flees in a panic, thinking sheís rescued, she gets into the car with a handsome stranger, who turns out to be the exact opposite of what Fallyn thought, leaving her struggling for her life, and Simon struggling with the demons of his past.

What follows is a story about true, everlasting love, good vs. evil, and the ties that bind. This was my first vampire story, and I found that I did enjoy it. I enjoyed how the author took modern themes and made them universal, making it easy to see why Fallyn would fall in love with a vampire and the story so believable. This story was filled with raw emotion, and emotional struggles, all nicely and deeply written. This book was well developed, had deep secondary characters, was suspenseful, and tasteful in its violence and sexual description. The author also gave vampires skills that were believable, and these skills were woven into the story. This story was a great and enjoyable read, full of rich characters and even juicer plot twists.


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