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Operation Bonnet by Kimberly Stuart


Cover art: Operation Bonnet Reviewer: Amy Lignor
Title: Operation Bonnet
Author: Kimberly Stuart
Publisher: David C. Cook
ISBN-13: 978-0-781-44891-8
Release Date: February 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Inspirational Fiction
Year/Setting: Present day, Casper, Ohio
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Kimberly's Website/Blog: www.kimberlystuart.com

Dear Readers:

Every once in a while the world of adult fiction "pumps" one out that uses pure fun, laughter, and excellent writing to teach kindness, grace, elegance, and lessons in honesty that you won’t soon forget. This is that one!

We begin our tale in tiny, Casper, Ohio. Nellie Monroe, who is now twenty-one years of age, gives the reader a short background about her early school life. In the sixth grade, as she and two extremely ditzy girls are teamed up in English to read Great Expectations, Nellie seems to be the only person in the room who "gets" where Charles Dickens was going. In fact, her teacher even calls her a literary luminary. People in her small town have always treated her oddly since she was a little girl: The clergy are confused by her; the teachers are scared of her; and, her peers are beyond irritated with her. But…alas…she gets through with her dry sarcasm, and her dreams of leaving the small town far behind and becoming a private investigator like Magnum P.I.

Now, Nellie has two middle names that were the names of two out of four of her grandmothers. You see, Nellie’s grandfather was a bit of a player – not to mention an extremely wealthy player – so Nellie carries on the names of some of the women who were tossed to the curb. Her favorite grandmother is her current one – Nona. Nona was the last of the wives before the rich, old codger met his maker. She lives in Nellie’s parents’ attic where she has the freedom to roam about and work on her paintings. Nellie’s mother and father are both good people, but they are rich and spend most of their time traveling all over the country and the world checking out golf courses, because that’s what Dad loves. Mom is a good person, but she really despises Casper, Ohio; every time they’re done with one of their trips and come home, a look of depression washes over her that doesn’t ever go away.

Nellie, at 21, spends her days working at the local golf course with Tank, a friend of her fathers. People are usually nice to Nellie, although sometimes it’s hard for them to get by the fact that her bright orange hair seems to stick out like Bozo the Clown’s.

One day, a young man by the name of Amos Shelter is hired to build a mini-golf course for Tank and ends up being Nellie’s very first private investigation case. Amos, you see, used to be Amish. But when he was younger, he realized that he and that way of life just didn’t work, so he left the Amish people behind. Unfortunately, he also left the love of his life behind because she didn’t want to give up the Amish lifestyle. One evening, Amos asks Nellie to "find out" if Katie, his beloved, is getting married to anyone else, and Nellie will have to go undercover in order to make her client happy.

Using the advice of a college professor who teaches Religious Studies; a few electronic devices that will allow her to "see" into the Amish compound; and her own daring, Nellie begins Operation Bonnet.

Guys and gals, the only thing I can say about her undercover work is that it was truly hysterical. We’re not talking the Amish in Witness, here. The people she meets and the way she uncovers the information for Amos is laugh-out-loud funny. Actually, to call this a comedy of errors would not be enough. Let’s just say that Nellie’s tale is a tale that all should read, especially if they need a heads-up about living life honestly, and what can happen when you lie to those you love. My advice? February 11, 2011 is just days away, go to Amazon and grab this one. It’s a keeper!

Until next time,

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