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Cover art: Opposites Attract Reviewer: Amy Lignor
Title: Opposites Attract: How to Use the Secrets of Personality Type to Create a Love that Lasts
Author: Renee Baron
Publisher: Harper One
Release Date: February 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Year/Setting: N/A
Overall Rating: 3.0
Sexual Content Rating: N/A
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: N/A
Violent Content Rating: N/A
Renee's Website/Blog: www.reneebaron.com

Dear Readers:

This is an in-depth look at how, by understanding a personality type, you can have a perfect relationship and a happy marriage. This author makes sure to let everyone know exactly what different personality types there are, and how to become ‘one’ with the person you love.

Do opposites attract? Or, do differences eventually tear couples apart? Will it work if you are the quiet, book-reading type, while your mate wants nothing more than to get out of the house and go have some fun? Renee Baron offers a solid look about how each one of us usually goes for our "opposite" because we are searching for those missing pieces in ourselves; and if we have a mate who is different than us, we can then become a unit because we have succeeded in getting the "whole package."

From a chapter on extraverts and introverts - the basis for each and how a couple can get along and find a way to complement each other; to chapters on thinkers vs. feelers, this book studies everything. What is it like for a purely intellectual person to be the mate of someone who is purely emotional? Will that relationship work?

This study is absolutely fascinating and also offers tests and explanations of how to find your perfect personality type in order to have a good, solid marriage. Each and every spectrum is covered: The Energizing Preference; Perceiving Preference; Decision-Making Preference; and, Lifestyle Preference, so that you can find exactly the type of personality traits that will make you happy for the long run.

A good, interesting book that offers information on a very intriguing topic - especially considering that the divorce rate in this country is now over 50%.

Until next time, Amy

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