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The Outlaw Viking by Sandra Hill


Cover art: The Outlaw Viking Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: The Outlaw Viking - 2nd in the Viking Series I
Author: Sandra Hill
Publisher: Avon
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-201909-7
Release Date: June 2011 (1995 Reprint)
Genre/Sub-genre: Historical Romance
Year/Setting: York, England, 987 AD
Overall Rating: 4.75
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal
Sandra's Website/Blog: www.sandrahill.com

When Dr. Rain Jordan is bumped on the head at a Viking museum in York, she finds herself following the seemingly impossible path that her mother swears to have taken. She finds herself back in the midst of a Viking and Saxton battle. And in the middle of the battlefield is the stunning Viking who has haunted her dreams.

Selik finds Rain and takes her as his prisoner. While that may be his title, she names herself a guardian angel from the future meant to save Selik from himself. As he hears her fantastical tales of the future, he finds himself more and more drawn to her. He has sworn to never get close to a woman again so Selik tries to push her away as often as possible. Will he ever let down his guard? Will Rain ever return to the future?

The whole situation of Rain waffling back and forth trying as she decides whether or not she should try to return to the present drives the story. Selik is a man who is unconsciously on a suicide mission and Rain wants to save him. And as much as she wants to save him, she learns that some people canít be saved.

This story is loosely connected to several of Sandra Hillís Viking stories. In this one, Rain is the daughter of a woman we met in another story that was also transported back in time. Selik knew Rainís mother and introduces her to her half brothers. Historically accurate in the details, it is interesting to look back into that time period. But more importantly, the story and characters compel you to keep reading. The secondary characters are almost as delightful as Rain and Selik. I loved them as much as I did the main characters. I actually read the story of Rainís mother years ago and a lot of it was refreshed in my memory as I read this story.

This is a re-release of the story. It has been updated to match present day actors and films, but the rest of the story remains the same. I see this book as a timeless classic that will be on my keeper shelf.


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