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Pandora Gets Heart by Carolyn Hennesy


Cover art: Pandora Gets Heart
Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Pandora Gets Heart - 4th in the Pandora series
Author: Carolyn Hennesy
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN-13: 978-1-59990-439-9 (Hardcover)
Release Date: January 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Youth Mythological Fiction
Publisher’s Age/Grade Recommendation: Ages 8-12
OUAR’s Age/Grade Recommendation: Ages 9-14
Year/Setting: Ancient times, Mt. Pelion and Aphrodisias
Overall Rating: 4.25
Carolyn's Website: pandyinc.com

There is little time to rest. Three of the seven great evils have been captured, along with some lesser evils, and the clock is tick, tick, ticking. Faster than you could imagine. Now, Pandora and her friends (Alcie, Iole, Homer) need to find Lust. They know where they need to go, but little do they know how far they will really need to travel to even get there.

First they’re practically tossed off a ship short of their final destination. Now they realize they have but one coin between them. Pandy and friends need a plan. The only option appears to be traveling up the mountain on an oxcart with a scrawny, scraggly looking man, who isn’t very pleasant. Ahhh. The things they have to put up with on their journeys.

Surprise! The scraggly man is really the immortal god, Hermes, best friend to Pandy’s father. The gods were given strict orders not to help her, but they have been. Covertly of course. It’s a little heart-warming to know Hermes has their backs.

Well, not exactly. Sure, he will help them get to their destination…thirteen hundred years into the past, people!!, but that’s as far as the help from Hermes goes.

There, on Mt. Pilion, they will encounter Lust. There they will watch and wait and not do anything, because to make an attempt will be to change the future.

What follows is awesome. Well, maybe it’s unbelievable. Actually the mystical magic wrapped up in pandemonium during a wedding ceremony is wondrous, if not a bit scary, and is enough to leave even a mortal dumbfounded. It’s during the chaos, umm, ceremony, that Lust makes its way among all of the participants. It weaves its spell over Athena, Aphrodite, and ugh!, Hera. Now what?

I’d tell you, but that would spoil the fun. Suffice it to say, Pandy and Company have their work cut out for them. They will have to use all their strength and wits if they are going to outrun danger and capture Lust.

It’s another grand adventure with Pandy and her friends! Shocks and surprises, angst and drama, brains and brawn, tears and fears, the ups and downs of friendship are at the turn of every page.

Ms. Hennesy deftly taps into her dramatic and highly imaginative muse as she develops the characters; she always throws the unexpected into the mix. No, Hera’s ‘tude wasn’t surprising to me, her manipulative ways, her disregard of all things un-Hera. She’s just Blech, Yuck (to put it mildly), as we’ve seen in the previous stories. Pandy has a formidable foe in Hera.

What did sadden me were the actions of Aphrodite. I was disheartened by what she did. Yes, she was under the enchantment of lust, but that didn’t make it any less disappointing.

Ms. Hennesy handled the subject of "Lust" with great care for the young maidens eyes. If she can do that and pull the reader in, make them feel such a range of emotions, root for Pandy and Company, then she’s definitely done her job and then some.

This is an A-1 series for any young maiden. Life lessons, adventure, friendship, and more can be found in any of these Pandora titles.

Pandy rocks! Have I may have said that before…


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