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Pandora Gets Vain by Carolyn Hennesy


Cover art: Pandora Gets Vain
Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Pandora Gets Jealous - 2nd in the Pandora series
Author: Carolyn Hennesy
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN-13: 9781599903293 (Paperback)
Release Date: October 2009 (Reprint)
Genre/Sub-genre: Youth Historical Mythological fiction
Publisher’s Age/Grade Recommendation: 9-12
OUAR’s Age/Grade Recommendation: 9-12
Year/Setting: Egyptian Desert and Alexandria
Overall rating: 4.5
Carolyn's Website: www.carolynhennesy.com/pandora.html

What a dangerous yet thrilling adventure it’s been! One of the seven evils captured. Six to go. Luckily they have a few days to rest, plan their strategy on how to catch Vanity, and enjoy being on the ship as it makes its way via slave-rowing labor to Alexandria Egypt.

Pandy knows it’s not going to be easy to find and nab Vanity; especially with goddess Hera attempting to thwart their progress for reasons unknown to Pandy. But no matter what Hera throws at her and her friends Iole, Alcie, and now Homer (yep, the famous Homer) – ship-splintering storms, a drop into a chamber of death – well they’ll brave anything they have to in order to obey Zeus and avoid Pandy’s unmentionable punishment should she fail.

The perks, if you could call them that (thanks to some under-the-radar help of some goddesses and gods) – unconventional water travel, encountering an unusual traveling entertainment troupe, wondrous new sights and experiences – almost outweigh Hera’s evil manipulations.

Pandy and her friends have to grow up in a hurry. They have to work together if they are to capture the second evil, Vanity, and lock it away with Jealousy. They must think and act quickly if they are to stay a step or ten ahead of Hera. How will they manage with all that's ahead of them and surprises around every corner?

Poor Pandy. So much trouble and too many burdens for a thirteen-year old to handle. But handle it she does no matter the cost or outcome. Even though the fear is there, fear of failure and what's around the next corner, she and her friends show great courage and loyalty. As danger is constantly surrounding them they continue to hold on to some semblance of fun. Their camaraderie and bravery is to be admired.

It remains to be seen with the rest of the series, but as I see it so far, Young Indiana Jones has nothing on Pandy and her friends. All the imagination, mystical magic, adventure, and colorful, larger than life characters you could wish for are packed between the covers of Pandora Gets Vain. It's a page-turning delight!


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