RT Pictures III

Pictures were taken at the Romantic Times Convention,
October 15-19, 2003 in Kansas City, MO.

Lori Pepio and Connie at the booksigning.
Such a nice lady! So encouraging!

Caricature of Connie by Deb of "The Fine Tooners."
The hostesses of the breakfast, Julie Ortolon, Julia London,
Christina Skye, and Kathleen Givens generously provided the talents
of the three ladies who "tooned" the guests.

Caricature of Tina by Judy of "The Fine Tooners."
The ladies were talented, weren't they?

Eden Robins and Connie.
She was nice enough to answer a million questions!

Melissa MacNeal dressed for Heather Graham's Ball.

Connie and Virginia.
Virginia was in the middle of rewrites.

Scott Smith. A model contestant!
He was genuinely nice.

Tina ~ Kinley MacGregor ~ Connie in the hospitality room.
Yes, again! You never know when a picture won't turn out.

Connie and Virginia after the Rosburg Romance Ball.

Kansas City's Renaissance Festival Players dropped by Bobbi Smith's Welcome Party.

Tina ~ Lennell (Mr. Romance 2003) ~ Connie at Bobbi Smith's Welcome Party. U-huh!

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