RT Pictures IV

Pictures were taken at the Romantic Times Convention, October 15-19, 2003 in Kansas City, MO.

Tina ~ Model ~ Connie.
Well, someone had to do it!

Virginia and Bonnie in costumes worn by their characters

Tina ~ Model ~ Connie.
Our work it seemed wasn't done yet.
Oh, well, the sacrifices we make...

The Renaissance Festival King and Queen
made an appearance at Bobbi Smith's party.

Tina and Connie Mason at Connie's party.

Bonnie Vanak and Connie at Connie Mason's party. Bonnie's great!

Tina ~ Kathy (owner of Half Price Books of the Ozarks) ~ Heather Graham ~ Connie
before Heather's Ball.

Scott Smith (Prince Charming) and Connie.
Yes, he was sincerely "Charming."

Connie ~ Lennell (Mr. Romance winner) ~ Tina
after the winners were announced.

Model contestant and Connie.
Kind of reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's Prince.

Deb Schneider ~ Connie ~ Sheryl Hoyt at
Pam Binder's PJ party.
We were dressed and ready to party!

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