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A Sheetcake Named Desire by Jacklyn Brady


Cover art: A Sheetcake Named Desire Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: A Sheetcake Named Desire - 1st in the Piece of Cake Mystery series
Author: Jacklyn Brady
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-24274-2
Release Date: August 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic/Cozy Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, New Orleans
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: Minimal/Moderate
Jacklyn's Website/Blog: www.jacklynbrady.com

Philippe had been ignoring her emails and calls for some reason or another. All Rita wanted was their separation/divorce to be final after a long two years. To get his attention, his signature, she made the trip to New Orleans and was prepared to camp out in the lobby of Zydeco Cakes, which Philippe owned.

Instead, what she found herself embroiled in was murder, sabotage, and an unlikely new woman in Philippe’s life. Sadly, Philippe is the murder victim and the sabotage is ongoing at Zydeco. Rita has a hard time believing any of her, their, old friends (who created masterpieces at Zydeco) are capable of murder, let alone sabotage. But it’s been two years or longer since she’s seen many of them. People change. And do you ever really know someone?

Her best suspect is…no, I won’t tell you, you’ll have to find that out on your own.

At Miss Frankie’s request (Philippe’s mother) she’s going to do her best to find the person behind the sabotage and consequently, perhaps, find a murderer. But she’d better be careful as she sifts through the mixture of clues she digs up. Will Liam, the detective on the case, interfere with her sleuthing or will he accept her input and discoveries? Who among the staff or potential suspects can she believe? Perhaps no one at this point.

The premise/dynamics of this story/series are fresh and exciting. The players are an eclectic bunch yet fit well together. Rita struggles, of course, to find her way amongst them as it’s been a long time since she was in their company, either professionally or socially. She has to keep a distance as she doesn’t know whom she can trust.

A Sheetcake Named Desire is a very promising start to this new series. I’m looking forward to seeing where Ms. Brady takes Zydeco and its pastry chefs in future mysteries. And of course, Rita and Liam.

An intriguing, fast-paced mystery with plenty of tension and sleuthing to be had.

Happy reading!

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