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Stormy View by Nikki Leigh


Stormy View cover art Reviewer: Janet Davies
Title: Stomy View - 2nd in the Misty Cove Chronicles
Author: Nikki Leigh
Publisher: Wings e-Press Inc
ISBN: 1-59088-507-4
Release Date: March 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance/Inspirational
Year/Setting: Present day - Los Angeles/ Misty Cove
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Nikki's Website: www.nikkileigh.com

Kennalyn and David are in love. She is more than a little concerned at the thought of meeting her future in laws. Itís a big moment in her life. It proceeds to become one of the worst moments when her fiancť mother hates her on sight and she declares she has every intention of stopping any wedding of her son to a Ďfishermanís daughter.í

But despite the wrath of Hilda Stevens the two marry, set up home and settle into their careers. Ten years down the track Kennalyn and David are still in love and planning to renew their wedding vows. However tragedy strikes and Kennalyn is forced to face life without David.

Once back in her home town of Misty Cove, Kennalyn is determined to get on with her life and help her children cope with the loss of their father. She opens her own business and begins working within the community of her childhood. But despite her plans and intentions, there is always a part of Kennalyn that is missing. When a stranger comes to town a trail of evil, lies and deception is uncovered and Kennalynís world is turned upside down.

I was hoping what happened Stormy View would happen. I donít want to give the story away but as I read I kept thinking how good it would be if my suspicions were confirmed. So I enjoyed the direction the book headed in.

Hilda Stevens, the mother, is a nasty piece of work and you can only dislike her intensely. She has no redeeming features. Kennalyn is smart and strong and not about to allow Davidís mother to make her doubt self worth. David is sweet and sensitive and caring and, to me, a secondary character as the book focuses on Kennalyn and how she copes. Of course she misses David, but maybe she comes into her own whilst being on her own. As for Kennalynís father, that character needs to be dragged into the present as his views on women and their place in the world are enough to make any woman cringe.

The theme of Stormy View, to me, is not allowing others to dictate your life or make you feel inferior, that you have abilities and choices and that you can use them to make the most of your life. On one hand the book is sweet, sensitive and bordering on the inspirational. But on the other there is manipulation and deceit making it an interesting read into the machinations of embittered people. Itís sweet and itís sour and itís certainly worth a read.


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