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Tempest in the Tea Leaves by Kari Lee Townsend


Cover art: Tempest in the Tea Leaves Reviewer: Connie Payne
Title: Tempest in the Tea Leaves - 1st in the Fortune Teller Mystery series
Author: Kari Lee Townsend
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-24275-9
Release Date: August 2011
Genre/Sub-genre: Romantic/Paranormal/Cozy Mystery
Year/Setting: Present day, Divinity NY
Overall Rating: 4.5
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None/Very Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal
Kari's Website/Blog: www.karileetownsend.com

Getting away from NYC and her parents is something that Sunny (formerly Sylvia) Meadows needs. There’s really no place for her in the city or with her controlling, non-believing parents. See, she’s a psychic who uses more than one method of fortune telling.

The Victorian, "Vicky", house she purchases is just right, for her and her business, Sunny’s Sanctuary. It’s full of charm, antiques, and one mysterious cat she’s dubbed Morty. Sunny is so happy to be in Divinity, in her own home. Life is good. Yes, there’s a but coming…

A distressed woman is her first client. When Sunny gives Amanda bad and frightful news, well, as you can guess, it came true, as all of Sunny’s readings do, though not always exactly as she sees them. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that Amanda is murdered.

It’s one handsome and gruff Detective Mitch Stone who is on the case. And who should be his numero uno suspect? Sunny, of course. There’s no way she’s going to take the rap for a murder she didn’t commit. Why not find the real killer herself?

But something much better happens. Det. Stone’s captain makes him partner up with Sunny on this case. Now she’s in on all the action, police interviews, and brain-storming. Well not quite. It seems that she’s going to have to follow some leads herself and do a bit of reconnoitering; and let me tell you, sparks fly because of it!

Even with all the sparks she remains a suspect and there’s still a killer on the loose. Time to catch him/her before she's the one who is caught in the middle of a teapot full of danger.

The details and descriptions are clear and concise, giving the reader a vivid picture of the characters, settings and scenes. Divinity seems to be a wonderful place. With the exception of the murder.

From time to time I was lost. Just for a moment or two. The reader is given info that seemingly happened off scene. Needless to say I kept up.

The bicker and banter and "pet" names between Sunny and Mitch are comical. But even though there is a light side to the story, they and the reader are always aware there is a murder to solve. Believe me, red herrings are all over the place!

I loved this debut to the Fortune Teller series! It’s hilarious as well as full of sexual tension worthy of a fireworks display. All that plus the mystery keeps the reader guessing and on their toes until they near the final pages.

You really don’t want to miss this one!

Happy reading!

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