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The Amethyst Angel by Karen Wiesner
From the Anthology Tales from the Treasure Trove


The Amethyst Angel cover art Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Title: The Amethyst Angel
Author: Karen Wiesner
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 1-59374-372-6 (trade paperback)
1-59374-373-4 (electronic)
Release Date: 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Traditional Romance
Year/Setting: Present
Overall rating of the Anthology: 3.5
Overall rating of The Amethyst Angel: 4.75
Sexual content rating: Subtle
Karen's Website: www.angelfire.com/stars4/kswiesner/fiction.html

I will say that you most certainly get your moneyís worth in an anthology of this size. Tales from the Treasure Trove, Vol. 1 includes twelve romance stories by twelve different authors. However, I didnít like this particular anthology as much as I enjoy later anthologies by the Jewels of the Quill writers. I thought there were too many stories pushed into the book and many had to be cut incredibly short in order to make it into the book. I also found that there were too many stories written in genres that I donít enjoy as much as others. So I read a lot of stories that I would normally have passed by.

Now, letís talk about The Amethyst Angel. I believe this is my favorite Karen Wiesner story to date. I found this to be the most poignant story Iíve read in a very long time. Ms. Wiesner draws us into the world of a Childrenís Hospital for terminally ill patients. She shows us the love and compassion that so many doctors have for their patients.

When you read about Dr. Elenaís bedside manner and the way she looks after little Juan, youíll be in tears. I was very deeply touched by the love of the staff members at this hospital. Each character shows an extraordinary amount of love and compassion for these dying children while maintaining their dignity.

So whatís a busy doctor to do?? She has secretly loved her neighborís son (Pablo) for many years. However, her father and the neighbor have conspired to match her up with Pabloís cousin, Arrio, who has just arrived in town. While she enjoys his company, Arrio certainly is no Pablo. Yet, Pablo seems to be pushing her farther away.

When her dying patient reminds her of her Amethyst Angel and the things she had told him about living life, Elena decides to go for her true love.

I just canít tell you how much I enjoyed this old fashioned (yet modern) look at love in its purest sense.

...For a brief synopsis of the other eleven stories please visit Karen's website.


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