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The Girl Most Likely by Donna Alward


The Girl Most Likely cover art Reviewer: Janet Davies
Title: The Girl Most Likely To
Author: Donna Alward
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Inc
E-book ISBN: 1-59998-140-8 (Category)
Release Date: September 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day – Calgary, Canada
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Donna's Website: www.donnaalward.com

Katie Buick is out to prove herself. She was the girl that was voted the ‘most likely to have fun’ in high school. She was the typical partying teen who no one took seriously. Unfortunately for her the tag stuck and followed her after high school. Ever since, Katie has been trying to prove herself. When she decides to open the restaurant of her dreams, only one man is willing to back her. And there is every reason why he shouldn’t. So why was he being so generous to her?

The last time Richard Emerson saw Katie was when she had unceremoniously turned him down as a prom date. Worse still, she had done it in front of her high school friends. He had been the high school nerd. She had been the popular girl who had taken a genuine interest in him. However not genuine enough though to withstand the pressures of peer pressure. Now Ric is rich and successful and the shoe is on the other foot. Does he get to claim revenge for his past humiliation?

Who knew the high school Ric Emerson would grow up so fine and that the popular Katie Emerson would be asking him for help? The power balance has shifted and Katie does not know how to handle it. When Ric suggests they become partners Katie is alarmed. She des not want anything personal interrupting her business plans. She had been burnt in the past and her confidence is shot to hell. Ric wants to be much more than partners. He also wants to prove himself to the girl he had tried so hard to impress in high school.

The Girl Most Likely totally reminded me of high school and the running into past classmates and memories it always evokes. Everyone knew the high school nerd, the popular girl and the out and out bitches that made life hell. To me, the theme of this book is that doesn’t matter what labels you were tagged with in high school, you can overcome and out grow them to be what you want to be.

It’s also a story of with all human elements. The need to be loved, the fear of failure and being scared to put yourself out there in case of rejection. But it’s also about keeping faith and seeing people for who they really are. Anyone reading this story can identify with that.

One thing irritated me about The Girl Most Likely and that was the fact I kept thinking ‘for god sake get together you two.’ This probably has more to do with my own impatient nature than the book. However, it is like real life, as how many times have you wondered why the some people just didn’t get together and stop the insanity? It’s readable for the fact alone. You want to see these two people damn well get together.

The Girl Most Likely is for anyone who remembers the dumb tags of high school and wants to see the nerd do well. Read it and you will remember your high school days.


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