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The Nerd Prince by Ellen Fisher


The Nerd Prince cover art Reviewer: Janet Davies
Title: The Nerd Prince
Author: Ellen Fisher
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1-59998-086-X
Release Date: August 2006
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day - Swift Creek
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Sensual/Sexual
Language (Profanity) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Ellen's Website: www.ellenfisher.com

Cade Ryan is a depressed, lonely guy sitting in his small, messy apartment watching video games. His unhappy marriage is over and he canít seem to get himself motivated to do anything. And the ĎGodawful Racket,í as he calls it, coming from the upstairs apartment is not doing anything to make his life more pleasant. Why canít he be left alone to wallow in his self induced misery?

Shell Anderson, the upstairs neighbor, is the perpetrator of the ĎGodawful Racketí. Her cello playing is her life. She isnít impressed when her new neighbor unflattering lets her know what he thinks of it. But then what does she care what some guy in a rumpled sweat suit thinks? Itís not like heís the type of guy she is normally interested in. Her type of man is the impossibly handsome, vacuous kind that lets her down. Anyone can see this oneís a nerd.

Cade is jazz and sweat suits whilst Shell is cello music and refinement. They may be exact opposites but in reality they are looking for the same thing. Someone to laugh with, someone to understand them and someone to love. When the characters look beyond the outside layers, the more attracted they become to each other. Cade comes to realize that the beauty in the music matches the beauty in the woman, whilst Shell realizes behind the nerd like qualities hides a sweet, sexy man. I really liked that fact that you arenít sure until the end of the book who Cade really is. The fact the Shell is willing to take him on face value is charming and old fashioned and really everything you want in a romance. And, the ending is sweet and what you want to happen.

The thing I enjoyed most about The Nerd Prince is that itís true to life. Everyone makes an instinctive judgment when they meet someone. But it does not mean that judgment call is correct. The characters of Shell and Cade are people who are caught up in past history and are trying not to make the same mistakes. They want to let go and be appreciated for who they are but they are scared of failing. Anyone reading this book can identify with that.

And yes, there is steamy sex within the book; however this actually helps define the characters motivations. Sounds weird but itís true. Sex in this book is more about giving then taking so it did not detract from the storyline at all.

It may be corny concept but it has always been true Ė itís whatís inside someone that counts. So take a look inside The Nerd Prince you wonít be disappointed.


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