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The Perfect Guy by Ann Herrick


The Perfect Guy cover art Reviewer: Lori Graham
Title: The Perfect Guy
Author: Ann Herrick
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 0-7599-3522-X
Release Date: May 2005
Genre/Sub-genre: Young Adult Romance
Year/Setting: Current
Overall rating: 4.5
Sexual content rating: None
Ann's Website: ann.herrick.home.att.net

Rebecca has a long-standing crush on a boy a couple of yearís older than her. He is athletic, entertaining, funny, handsome and a SENIOR. Oh myÖ. She has envisioned all different kinds of ways in which he will finally notice her and realize they were meant to be. The perfect solution has now opened up (maybe?). Her mother is marrying Presí dad. They will be living in the same house and have the opportunity for some alone time to really get to know each other. While her friend, Celeste, tries to remind her that Pres might start to see her as a sister, Rebecca is just sure he will discover his affection for her. She even goes to the lengths of having Josh, Celesteís "senior" brother, teach her to dance so she can dance with Pres at the reception and look longingly into his eyes. Rebecca is also gaining a father again. She has great love for her daddy and misses him terribly since his death. But having a man around again may be just the thing she and her mother need in their life.

While this book is written for young adults (my guess is girls 14 and older), there is a central theme to the story. Sometimes what you are looking for isnít the right thing for you and the right thing may be closer than you think. Donít make assumptions!

I really enjoyed looking into a teenage girlís mind again through The Perfect Guy. Ann has effectively captured the mind of a sophomore girl. The writing style for an adult might be a bit simplistic but for a teen I believe it would quite effectively get the message across. Rebecca has the chance to really grow in a number of situations. She has a father back in her life but he isnít the man her father was. Her father was very affectionate and demonstrative where Bill is a bit of a taskmaster. However, Bill also gives Rebecca the opportunity to showcase her talents by writing the play he will produce. (Bill is the English teacher at the high school and in charge of the drama department.)

Her relationship with her mother becomes stronger as well but the biggest changes were in the relationship with her three peers Ė her best friend, Celeste; Celesteís brother who has always been around, Josh; and, of course, her crush and new brother, Pres.

Ann deals very well with the roller coaster of emotions in teenage relationships and even provides some effective solutions to overcome some common hurdles. I would feel quite comfortable giving this book to my daughter to read and The Perfect Guy could lead to some very interesting discussions between the two of us. Definitely something to consider you mothers out there!


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