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The 39 Clues: Vipers Nest by Peter Lerangis


Cover art: The 39 Clues: Vipers Nest YA Guest Reviewer: Andrew Roberts
Title: Vipers Nest - 7th in the 39 Clues series
Author: Peter Lerangis
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN-13: 978-0-545-06047-9
Release Date: February 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: YA Paranormal Fiction
Publisherís Age/Grade Recommendation: 9-15
OUARís Age/Grade Recommendation: 9-14
Year/Setting: Present day, All over the world
Overall Rating: 5.0
Sexual Content Rating: N/A
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Very Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal/Moderate
39 Clues Website/Blog: www.the39clues.com

Youíve probably been waiting. Wondering what branch Amy and Dan are in. The long adventure proves that they are ______. Did you seriously think Iíd tell you?

This whole adventure has left another relative dead and the Cahillís off to Pretoria. Not only is staying away from relatives hard, but so is trusting a close friend. Dan and Amy find themselves finding a secret Tomas HQ. When you walk in, it looks like a normal office but it isnít. Thatís when everything goes haywire. With an SUV going to explode, having a near death experience by being chopped up by a propeller, finding a supposed spy; it all makes for long days full of adventure. All this can be found in The Vipers Nest.

The book was very action packed and I loved it. After one thing happens, an even bigger thing happens. The story moves quickly and the characters are starting to get wiser before our eyes. As they go through each of these experiences and brushes with death, they get a little more street smart and they are starting to learn not to trust everyone they meet. The action is enough for me to not put the book down. I loved the action and adventure like the exploding car, the toxic poison, and finding out what branch Amy & Dan are in. I think you could pick up this book and understand the basics of the series without reading the earlier books, but to get the whole effect and enjoyment, Iíd recommend reading all of the books in order. The book, the characters and the series are all so amazing and I love it!


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